10 ‘Well-Worth-It’ Benefits of a Premium WordPress Theme

I know what you’re thinking…why would I ever pay for a premium WordPress theme when there are so many free options out there? Well, truth be told, the old saying; ‘you get what you pay for’ rings truer than ever before when it comes to WordPress Themes. Unless you’re a web developer, chances are you may need a little more help navigating your WordPress theme than you would like to admit. That’s where a premium WordPress theme comes in handy.

Let’s quickly go over the basics of what I mean when I say premium WordPress theme. Premium WordPress themes are built by professional web developers or designers (whichever you prefer to call them). They offer great support, automatic theme updates, and are of exponentially higher quality than any free theme. The only downside…they cost a little bit of money upfront. But trust me, it pays for itself in the end.

So what other benefits are there to a premium WordPress theme? Let’s discuss them, shall we?!

10 Benefits of a Premium WordPress Theme

1. Responsive Design…er it looks great on any device!

For those of you who are unsure what or why responsive web design is important, let me just start off by telling you that this is crucial to your site’s success! Responsive web design is the ability to create an optimal viewing and interaction experience for your viewers across a variety of platforms and devices. For example, you want your site to look great on a desktop, but also to look great and function properly when someone is viewing your same site on their phone. In order to accomplish this goal, you need a responsive website design.

Now while you can Google your little heart out figuring out how to create a responsive web design for yourself, in the hopes that it will actually work; premium WordPress themes already come with this feature built right into them like this. Yup, you don’t have to do a thing. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not!

The guys from CreativeBloq made a list of some great tutorials about responsive web design.

2. Higher Security

For anyone who is an absolute nay-sayer when it comes to paying for a theme, I will warn you right off the bat…
…most (not all) free themes come pre-packaged with their very own mega dose of malicious code. Crazy right?! Why would someone do that? Well, while we may want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, there are in fact scammers, crooks, and just plain ol’ meanies out there who for whatever reason create themes with malicious code packaged right in them. They then wrap these themes up with a shiny silver bow titled free that oh so many of us can’t resist.

I wasn’t joking before when I said you will get what you paid for when it comes to WordPress themes.
So how do you avoid a potential malicious code attack on your website? Simple, you purchase a premium WordPress theme from a reputable source. Premium WordPress themes (if purchased from the right place), come packaged with security to actually fight off malicious code. Quite the reversal isn’t it?

Did you know that “Panama Papers”, the largest data breach to journalists in history which includes over 4.8 million emails, has been made by hacking emails via WordPress?

3. Tech Support…great for those of us that aren’t tech savvy

Tech support is one of my absolute favorite benefits of going with a premium WordPress theme vs a free WordPress theme. What does tech support entail? Something along the lines of access to web designers with knowledge and expertise to help you navigate any hiccups or problems you may have with your site.

Why is this important? For starters, it results in any problems you may be experiencing to be fixed quickly and correctly. Two, it results in you not having to spend hours upon hours of your precious time searching Google and web forums for answers to questions developers know off the tops of their heads. Lastly, it makes for a much better experience for you the user and for your consumers.

4. SEO Friendly…psst..you need this for a high ranking site.

For those of you who aren’t quite sure what SEO is, here is the quick version. SEO, stands for search engine optimization which is basically a result of maximizing visitors to your site based on how highly ranked your site is.
Premium WordPress themes come coded to follow the latest and best practice of SEO standards. Premium WordPress themes help get your site ranked higher for optimal visitor viewing. This is pretty essential when it comes to a successful website.

Moz.com made a great piece of information about on-page SEO factors which you might want to check out!

5. User Friendly…you’ll thank me later

This probably goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway…premium WordPress themes are 100% user-friendly! You will love the built-in features that allow you to quickly and easily navigate your theme, make changes to your site, and adjust your site appearance; all the while keeping your sanity in check!

Don’t believe me? Just for fun, upload a free theme…next, try and make a few simple changes to your site. Having a hard time even figuring out the basics? Yes, well that’s a free theme for you. Unless you’re a web designer you may have a hard time with this challenge. Save yourself the hassle and get yourself a user-friendly premium theme.

Hey, we`re also making WordPress themes which are more than just user-friendly. Check them out!

6. Unique Designs

Free themes are pretty generic, basic, and a lot of people end up using the same free theme for their site. If you`re wanting a unique design and feel to your site, then you need to go with a premium theme. Premium themes offer a larger variety of design elements that just don’t come standard on free themes. This makes all the difference when it comes to creating a top-notch website for your consumers.

Bridge theme by QODE comes with more than 200 unique demos. Impressive!
Bridge theme by QODE comes with more than 200 unique demos. Impressive!

7. Regular Updates

With WordPress constantly updating you undoubtedly need a WordPress theme that can keep up with all the updates. The problem with free themes is that they don’t come out with new and updated versions which leave you stranded with either having to lose a lot of your hard work or trying to not update your version of WordPress for as long as possible.

Premium WordPress themes, on the other hand, are regularly updated to meet the latest requirements and standards of new WordPress updates. Automatic updates that will cost you no lost sleep or anxiety over hours of lost work. Go ahead, give a huge sigh of relief!

Our Patti Wp Theme has been updated 24 times, in two years. That`s one update/month. Quite Fair!
Our Patti Wp Theme has been updated 24 times, in two years. That`s one update/month. Quite Fair!

8. Cost Efficient…no really it is

With everything I’ve mentioned above, is it so hard to believe that premium WordPress themes are cost efficient?! Sure they aren’t free but with all the hassle that comes from a free WordPress theme, you will gladly shell out a few bucks in the end to have a smooth running site that comes with a support team.

Also, on the other spectrum, hiring a web designer to create your theme will cost you upwards of thousands of dollars. This to me seems a little excessive. I would rather pay for a great premium theme with amazing features over paying a web designer to completely create a custom web theme for my site.

With less than 50 bucks, you can have a complete, professional-looking website built on WordPress and powered by a cool WordPress theme.

9. Consumer Approved

Your consumers will be glad you have a premium theme as well. The point of most everyone;s site is to attract their preferred prospects; which means you need to have a consumer friendly website. If your site is constantly down, hard to navigate through, or it doesn’t provide the correct security measures to keep your user’s information safe, you will undoubtedly lose their left and right.

Not sure you quite believe me? Have you ever had a hard time checking out on a website and got so annoyed that you ended up just giving up and going to another site instead? I know I have. Premium themes provide a huge list of consumer approved benefits. Not only will your site function properly and offer security your visitors can feel good about, but these themes can also help to attract potential customers with their chic and easy to navigate layouts.

Shia LaBeouf approves that a premium WordPress theme is good.

10. Peace of Mind

Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve when deciding upon a WordPress theme and go with the premium! Yes, you will be spending a little extra cash up front, but every penny will be well worth it. In fact, it may just end up paying for itself in the end when it attracts so many users to your site you don’t know what to do with them all.

Save yourself the hassle of having to Google and search forums for hours on end trying to solve a simple WordPress theme glitch. Instead, get a premium theme that offers tech support that will ease your WordPress burdens. Say goodbye to the days of having to update your theme to coincide with the latest WordPress update and hello to a secured site. Trust me, you owe it to yourself to go premium!


Once you go premium, you will never go back! I mean that! There are just too many well-worth-it benefits to buying a premium WordPress theme to justify anything else. Choose your reputable premium theme today and make your website the way it should be…unique, responsive, user-friendly, SEO capable, consumer approved, and oh so chic!

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