25 Examples of Well Designed Contact Pages

A Contact Page is a very important part of a website, having the big role of facilitating the relationship of the website with the user. A well-designed page with a clean form and a drop of creativity will certainly bring a positive feel to those who want to contact you.

I`m showcasing a collection of examples of well-designed contact pages which I hope will inspire you and make you want to change your contact page design!

Huge, Inc

contact pages by Huge, Inc

Huge, Inc. is a premier digital agency with multiple offices around the world. Their contact page covers email communication, phone numbers, and office locations.



ouiwill contact page

Ouwill, another digital agency used a single, minimalistic message for the above-the-fold content. Once you scroll down, you’ll notice the remaining elements. The use of a minimal menu adds to the simplicity.


Size Agency

The first thing I like about the digital agency is the use of a new-generation domain name. Their simplistic contact page tells us that they’re primarily available by phone or email. Besides, the Stalk us header is way too cool.



Another digital agency that makes use of beautiful illustrations that play a vital role in brand communication. Take note of the contrast the CTA (in black) and the background (purple) plays.


Dppi Images

DPPI Images is one of the longest-established sporting photographic agency. Think supercars. Traveling at 250+ miles per hour. Anyway, their contact page makes use of bold typography to get two points across.



Typeform is a league of its own. I love the fact how as a responder I can quickly send in the information without having to lift my palm off the keyboard.

Typeform’s USP lies in the fact that it allows me to define the order of questions for my responder.

Simple, clean and to-the-point.



Intercom is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to customer engagement tactics. Honestly, I find their contact page to be one of the best in the SaaS industry. Also, their use of character illustrations plays a powerful role in the brand communication.



Atlassian uses a two-in-one approach to the contact page. The first bit is for direct support for customer and prospects. Once you scroll down, you’ll notice their office locations – which adds to the brand’s perceived image.



Another digital agency that uses a combination of stark contrast (black and pink), bold typography and a whole lot of pink. Like any other agency, their contact page contains multiple elements, which I think was represented brilliantly.



Zoom is a conferencing software for online meetings. Its contact page is a mix of sales and support queries. Other players in similar markets can take inspiration from Zoom.



Oh, Slack! A dead-simple contact page for one of the most-used collaboration software on earth. Simplicity trumps almost everything.



Given that OptinMonster is there to improve your optimization, their contact page cuts right to the chase with the proper questions.



Similar to OptionMonster, Unbounce also has a couple of other elements in their contact page.



MailChimp uses a user-directed flow for their contact page. It is more of a support page (I’m guessing MailChimp does get a lot of queries all the time) than a contact page. However, they’ve managed to get almost everything in there without making it look too cluttered.



A brilliant contact page with bold typography and captivating visuals.


Mario Petrone

A contact page from the online portfolio of a visual designer. Loved the way the page is designed.



To digital marketers across the globe, Canva needs no introduction. Their contact page is a true source of inspiration.

Marc Thomas

A brilliant one-pager that manages to fit everything in one screen. Perfect for online portfolios. PS: When you click on the Get In Touch button, your email client opens up with a pre-filled “to:” field.


Seth Godin

To marketers, Mr. Godin needs no introduction. Lovely approach to sharing the email.


Mark Jaworski Studios

Mark has done a great job showcasing his contact form. Kudos on the visual impact.


Martina Sperl

Just like Mark, Martina also does a brilliant job at showcasing her portfolio.


KFC (India)

Ever thought that fast-food joints would put in their contact page? Well, now you know.


Sean Halpin

I could not resist putting Sean’s entire page on the line. Brilliant overall design with a touch of grace.



Shopify’s contact page focuses on solving a customer’s problem, followed by showcasing their office locations.



Wix has a powerful above-the-fold message followed by a grid-style layout of the contact points.



BigCommerce makes good use of whitespace in the above-the-fold display. In the next scroll, people are able to get sales, support and social pages information.



ZendDesk makes use of the traditional form following by product support and office locations. All of this is topped by colorfully minimal illustrations.



HootSuite uses the two-fold layout (support or sales) followed by other support queries.



Marketo makes uses of a detailed contact form which is typical of agencies of their stature.



SendGrid focuses on customer support queries by grouping questions in various blocks, followed by their office locations.  The minimal design and the extensive use of whitespace plays a major role.



Ideamatic’s contact page uses character illustrations that carry a brilliant brand impact.

These are just a few awesome examples of contact pages built the right way. If you think that these pages belong mainly to big websites/agencies, with super-focused and design or user oriented people, then you understand why they look so solid. It`s not that simple to build a contact page. It needs to serve users well. Your turn now! Do you know any other cool examples of contact pages? Make sure to share them with us in the comments below!

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