25 Striking Brochure Designs

We’ve all thumbed through thousands of brochures in our lives and I’m sure the vast majority of them have been very similar- rectangular, book-like, wordy and, overall, pretty dull. This article aims to show that brochure design doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it can be striking, stylish and extremely stimulating.

Don’t forget, your brochure will act as a first impression of your company for many. You need to make sure that it’s giving off the right message and reflecting the positive, forward-thinking brand image that you wish to promote and secondly, you need high-quality brochure printing services. Feast your eyes on the superbly designed and printed brochures below. They’ll act as a source of inspiration for all your future printing endeavours.

1. Wired


Reminiscent of a vinyl sleeve, this brochure by Wired mixes different shapes and colours with a unique, pull-out design.


2. TVNZ 7


Brochures don’t have to be boring and square. This one is triangular to begin with, but by the time you’ve finished reading it, it’s taken on the shape of the company logo.


3. LucidPress Template Brochures


Professionally-designed brochures which will definitely work for you.


4. Forum Properties


Who says black and white is boring? A monotone colour scheme works extremely well here. This brochure even has space for a CD to be stored inside its back cover.


5. The Boston Museum


This brochure uses a bold colour and stunning typography to create an object that’s instantly attractive.


6. Craig Horsof


When unfolded and viewed from one side, this brochure appears to be rather plain and uninteresting. Viewed from the other, however, or read like a book, it’s colourful and wonderfully engaging. Very clever.


7. Rebrand


Colour and white space are perfectly balanced in this design. The brochure’s cover becomes a folder so that extra company literature can be stored inside.


8. Real Estate


Vibrant colours and a chequerboard design help this brochure to achieve individuality and style.


9. TripShake


Another great use of bright colours, the tiny icons which pepper the front cover of this creation are so much fun.


10. Ministry of Culture


This is perhaps my favourite brochure of all in this list. I just love the way the thread from the complimentary bookmark hangs out the front. Presented with a brochure that looks this good, you can’t stop yourself from finding out what lies within.


11. HGDB


Sometimes the simplest designs work the best. This brochure cover is plain black, which instantly draws the reader’s attention towards the company logo, which can only be a good thing.


12. Redbox


This brochure, designed to look like a passport both inside and out, is a practical size and very entertaining.


13. California Academy of Sciences


Another brochure designed to look like something it’s not; this one closely resembles a restaurant menu thanks to its size, fonts, layout and pull-out paper sheets inside.


14. Hollywood Cooks


When this brochure is unfolded, Hollywood stars and delicious food pop out to make the reader take notice.


15. Falconry UAE


The UAE is constantly striving to do everything better than everyone else and it seems that brochure design is no exception. This terrific example is rolled up and distributed like a scroll.


16. Kiosk 37


Thick, textured paper; a wrap; and printing onto the side of the brochure itself, all show potential customers that no expense has been spared in producing this material.


17. Centrocar


Grey and bright-orange combine with fold-out front and back pages to create a brochure that’s highly original. Cutting the company logo out of the front cover works nicely.


18. Real Estate Solutions


This unique brochure, which displays the projects and services of Real Estate Solutions, folds away into its own wallet and comes with several additional “freebies”.


19. Avant Garde


Similar to a colour chart, each page in this brochure is connected together at the bottom corner and can be rotated to expose any number of pages simultaneously.


20. Nick Cave


This is the brochure that just keeps on giving. The cover is made from luxurious, textured paper with a textile design printed on the reverse. Inside lies three extra brochures/leaflets packed full of gorgeous imagery.


21. Hello Milo


This superb brochure unfolds to create a long calendar with each month represented by a different colour on a vibrant continuum.


22. Redhook


At first glance, very simple, this brochure for Redhook, Brooklyn only really stands out when several of them are exhibited together, side-by-side, spelling out the Redhook name.


23. Creamfields


If you’re promoting a music festival, every element of your promotion effort must be stylish and unique. This brochure for Creamfields really is terrific, thanks to the textured, leather-effect cover and Spot UV typography.


24. Nutcracker


Multicoloured and very unusual, this brochure for a performance of the Nutcracker features several Christmassy pop-up characters and settings.


25. North Star Fund


Printed onto irregular, slanted card, this brochure changes shape as the pages are turned, entertaining the reader.


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