30 Beautiful Examples of Inviting Hotel Brochures

Inviting Hotel Brochures Examples and Templates

Convincing people to stay a day or two at your hotel is difficult because it’s very likely that you’re dealing with a fierce competition. Small and large-scale hotels and properties struggle to gain the market`s acceptance and a place in it because they are forced to go up against well-established players with a proven track of quality services and satisfied customers.

To stand out from the competition, there is the need of establishing successful, results-driven marketing campaigns with the use of a series of promotional tools which could help get the name out to the public. One of these tools are the very well known brochures, which are leaflets containing information about your hotel. They`re usually displayed in hotel rooms or places with high foot traffic within the hotel or its amenities.

By using a hotel brochure design, you can create a printed material that highlights to people the advantages of staying in your hotel. Factors to include in the brochure are reasonable rates, exceptional commodities, accessible location, or amazing ambiance, among others. Use full-color photos that display relaxation, fun, and coziness to create an enticing image of your hotel.

Here are some samples to give you an idea of how appealing hotel brochures could be. Enjoy!

I`m going to split this post into two sections. The first one will be about brochure templates suitable for hotels. The second one will showcase a series of already-made brochures, created by designers for hotels or tourism oriented properties.

Hotel Brochures Templates

Now that you know what you`re looking for, don`t start from scratch. A brochure template might be what you`re actually looking for. So how`s this working? Well, you get the template, then you open it in Adobe Indesign(the default editing tool for digital printable items) or Adobe Photoshop and replace/add your own imagery and text. Then you check out your local printing service provider to transform the digital item into a real brochure.

Templates are what I like to call a win-win situation, as long as you`re not afraid to get your hands dirty and possess a minimum sense of design and creativity.

Hotel Brochures Inspiration

A brochure template is always a good place to start if you are willing to do some design work and don`t have a big budget. On the other hand, there are companies which invested so much in properties that they simply want to make things by the book and hire professional creatives to build their brand identity and direction which also includes brochures.

Here are some absolutely stunning examples of hotel brochures. What really defines them as great is the perfect combination between imagery, layout and unique typefaces(fonts).

poziom spa hotel brochure
Brochure for POZIOM 511 Design Hotel & SPA by Paul Marcinkowski
Brochure for Vivaly Wellbeing Resort by Creative Punch
Brochure for Vivaly Wellbeing Resort by Creative Punch
Gili Lankanfushi Maldives - The Private Reserve - design by Bureau / BALLS
Gili Lankanfushi Maldives – The Private Reserve – design by Bureau / BALLS
ovo wroclaw hotel brochures
OVO Wrocław – design by Paul Marcinkowski
hotel casa calma brochure
Hotel Casa Calma – brochure designed by Bunker3022 –
bloomfield resort brochure
Bloomfield Resort Brochure – by Melanie Dunn
Zuri Zanzibar Resort - brochure  by Katerina Horka
Zuri Zanzibar Resort – brochure by Katerina Horka
W Hotels - brochure  by Cristina Orihuela
W Hotels – brochure by Cristina Orihuela

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