30 Creative And Colorful Vector Background Wallpapers

Wallpapers are used to give the background of your computer a pleasant look. Obviously a nice looking picture will serve a much better background than the boring plain black background. Just as you need to decorate the walls of your room with good imagery to please your guests so do you need to use quality wallpapers as the background of your computer to give your machine a pleasing look.

Wallpapers, just like any other pictures, come in many varied forms to satisfy different types of users. Some consist of the same objects repeated over and over again forming nice patterns, others are a snapshot of the setting of the sun or the rising of the moon or some other such natural event, some wallpapers are hand made sketches by skillful artists while some others are mere quotations of wise men written on simple backgrounds. But no matter which wallpaper you use, make sure the size of the image is large enough. Else, you might face blurring problems on enlargement of the image. This problem is eliminated if you use vector graphics instead of bitmap images. Vectors use mathematical equations instead of pixels to design their images and hence no burring or aberration problems occur when the image is resized to a larger scale.

Below I present you 30 creative and colorful vector background wallpapers.

Beautiful Life

This is a brand new deviant that shows us just what you can achieve with vector wallpapers, bright colors and isometric design.

Vector Wallpaper Colorful Background

Check out this colorful abstract vector wallpaper! This vector wallpaper is bursting with bright and vivid colors you’ll absolutely love. Also check the license and you’ll be able to use this beautiful abstract vector wallpaper either personally or commercially!

Another Vector

Urban Wall

Day and Night

Illustrious Boom Town

These buildings took a right ole time to make. Original is 1920×1200.

Angry Birds Wallpapers

Angry Birds Wallpaper. 1440px X 900px.

Morning Espresso wallpaper

Color Retro Vectors

Color retro vectors vector abstract wallpaper rainbow.

Flower Fire


Abstract Autumn Sunshine Vector Background

Here is a vector of abstract autumn sunshine background. This image is a vector illustration and can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution. This image will download as a .eps file. You will need a vector editor to use this file (such as Adobe Illustrator).

Be Free

Wave Watcher

Abstract Color Bending Vector


Dodge Viper

This is a Dodge Viper. Original vector by Red xibi.


Rainbow Concepts

Colorful Abstract Beautiful Flower

Deus Ex

Vectors of Fun


Made Completely with vectors on Illustrator.

Touch You


Everybody Loves Music

Vector Playful Cat HD Cartoon Wallpaper

Help Vector

A Trip to Wonder Land

Green Earth Vector Wallpaper

I hope the above collection will help you get a good wallpaper for your PC. Let me know in the comments below what do you think about them!

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