Best 5 FAQ Plugins for WordPress. Totally Free or Freemium!

Frequently asked questions are more than just simple inconveniences and queries from people who want to know more.

They’re an opportunity to immediately address someone’s concerns and bring them closer to a sale after the initial introduction. If questions are not answered quickly, it’s more difficult to make a sale as the lead goes cold.

A simple, but effective way to deal with this problem without beefing up your customer service team is to feature a frequently asked question (FAQ) sections around your site.

Here’s what Mario Peshev from Devrix has to say about this type of pages:


“FAQ pages can easily be leveraged via a designated category on your blog, or a categorized custom post type if needed. Unless you need a help desk system or anything more complicated, this approach will help you scale and implementing the core logic would be absolutely straightforward and painless.”


Making FAQ pages or adding FAQ sections to content can help to push visitors further along the sales funnel without a lot of effort on your part. When you’re using a WordPress site, it’s really easy to add great-looking, smooth FAQ sections throughout your website by connecting the right plugin.

There is a myriad of FAQ page plugins for WordPress, and you just have to figure out how to choose your WordPress plugins carefully! We’ve compiled the best WordPress FAQ plugins here for you to check out.

1. Ultimate FAQ

ultimate faq plugin

Customization is king with Ultimate FAQ. The back-end of the plugin is very simple for anyone to use, so it’s not just a plugin for developers or web designers. All you need to do to add an FAQ page to any of your content is just insert a small line of shortcode onto the page. The plugin gives you instructions on how to do that if you’re not familiar with shortcodes.

To make it look and act like you want it to, Ultimate FAQ allows custom CSS styling, features drag-and-drop list arrangement, and gives categorization options. You get to choose how the questions and answers are displayed (Accordion style, temporary enlargement upon clicking, etc.).

In an effort to expand beyond the basics, Ultimate FAQ offers Woocommerce integration so you can add FAQ pages for individual products or categories of products. These can be product-specific instead of using the same FAQ every time.

Lastly, Ultimate FAQ does have some other convenience features. FAQs can be exported to a pdf file in order to make a user manual. There is no limit on the number of questions and answers you can include on any FAQ page.

The plugin is responsive for mobile and computer browsing. Users can search through the FAQs.

All of this is part of the customization offered by the plugin. All things considered, it’s a fairly wide-reaching plugin that does the job for free, with a premium version costing $34.97 per site (plus $15 for 6 months of support if you want it).


2. Arconix FAQ

Another free WordPress FAQ plugin, this is a simple FAQ plugin that’s easy to customize and use throughout your site.

You can change how the questions and answers are viewed (accordion, jQuery toggle) as well as add ease-of-use features like a “return to top” button at the bottom of a longer FAQ page.

You can sort and arrange FAQs with tags in order to place different categories of questions on separate pages.

Questions are easy to create, arrange, and tag from the back-end admin menu in WordPress editor. It looks just as clean and crisp from the front end as it does when you’re editing it, so this plugin won’t screw up the aesthetics of your content.

It’s a very basic plugin that accomplishes its main goal, adding FAQs to your website wherever you want them.

Don’t expect this plugin to do much more than that, because it doesn’t have a lot of the bells and whistles that some plugins may offer. But, it is a free plugin so you won’t need a budget to give it a try.


3. HTML5 Responsive FAQ

As the name implies, this plugin is a great choice when responsiveness is a priority. HTML5 FAQ is responsive for all different screen types and sizes as well as being compatible with all responsive WordPress themes.

This is the main attraction for this plugin, especially if you’re receiving a lot of mobile traffic to your site. A plugin like this one will make sure people are seeing the FAQ without any technical issues or awkwardness in the design.

With this plugin, you can place an individual FAQ page on different pieces of content. The FAQ can be placed as a sidebar on content, somewhere on the page, or as a separate page entirely. These are accordion style questions/answers that expand and collapse based on user clicks.

Questions in HTML5 FAQ can be organized by categories to make it easier to arrange their order and placement.

To insert an FAQ somewhere, you just place a snippet of shortcode into the page content. Everything is easily managed from the back-end, including visual customization.

The plugin is a simple, but effective solution for frequently asked questions pages on WordPress. It’s a good option when responsiveness is a priority or when you’re on a budget because it’s completely free.


4. Heroic FAQs

Everything about Heroic FAQs is intuitive and simple. You won’t struggle to set it up and get it working like you want.

From the back-end, editing is quick and easy and you can arrange questions in a particular order through the drag-and-drop admin menu. All of your questions and answers can be edited on a single page, but each question can be attached to a different piece of content.

One thing that sets this plugin apart from some of the others on this list is that rich content can be added to answers.

You can add images, quotes, sliders and carousels, lists, or even videos and other content types. Even without coding knowledge, you’ll be able to edit and make your FAQs look exactly as you want.

For a business, this is a fantastic premium option with a lot of effective editing options that make it work well for any situation.

Packages are sold for 1 year of support and updates starting at $49 for a 1-site license up to $149 for 10 sites.


5. WP Responsive FAQ with Category

Simple to use, easy to set up, and a breeze to manage, WP Responsive FAQ with Category checks all the boxes it needs to for a WordPress FAQ page.

A bit of shortcode allows you to add frequently asked questions to any page, either as a separate page or to an individual piece of content with a specific category of questions and answers.

The shortcode needed for different styles of FAQ changes, but the plugin will give you instructions about which to use for the desired result.

From the WordPress admin menu, you can update questions and answers, add titles, categorize questions and more to customize what shows up on each page.

You can make this plugin work with your design fairly easily so that it doesn’t throw off your current site look or functionality.

There is both a free and a premium version of this plugin. The free version has all the basic features described above, but the premium version beefs it up a bit to make things more customizable.

Both versions are highly responsive and compatible with responsive WordPress themes, but the premium version gives you access to pre-made design templates, page builder support, WooCommerce support, and product FAQ integration, customizable shortcodes, drag & drop editing, and more for $9.


What’s Important to You?

Not every plugin is appropriate for every website. Whatever is most important to you, whether it’s your budget, responsiveness, or professional appearance, is what you need to focus on with every plugin you add.

Each one of these WordPress FAQ plugins has something good to offer. It’s up to you to choose which one matches your needs the most!

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