Showcase of 40 Wallpapers for Halloween

Halloween,,which falls on the 31th of October has become a global holiday,like Christmas or Valentine`s day.Reading from history`s books,Halloween has origins in the ancient festival known as Samhain which was a Gaelic festival celebrated mainly in Ireland and Scotland.The holiday is normally associated with symbols like skeleton, “Jack o’ Lanterns“ , pumpkins and activities like bonfire, costume party, “trick-or-treats”, etc.

As this is the week of Halloween,I prepared something special for you,a showcase of 40 halloween wallpapers.Some of them are creepy,others are funny.

Happy Halloween!

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Design a Hand Drawn WordPress style Website Header

In this tutorial I`ll explain you the steps I took to create a hand drawn wordpress style website header in Photoshop.

I used some custom fonts,a paper pattern and a custom brush that I created exclusively for this tutorial.The steps for creating the brush are explained in the tut,so don`t worry,you don`t loose anything!Take a look!

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30 Sketch Fonts for Designers

I always liked the sketch fonts because of their unique designs and decorative effect.

Here`s 30 most sketchy and beautiful fonts which certainly will help you in your designs.

Check them out!

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Design a cool and original jeans style Business Card in Photoshop

This tutorial will guide you through the process of designing a professional jeans style business card. The tutorial features some great techniques, effects and layer styles in which you can use over and over for future projects.

The business card has the standard USA and Canada cut of 3.5×2 inches , approximately 10×5 cm.So if you`ll follow the tutorial,at the end you`ll be able to print the business card for your use,or why not,to start offering business card printing services.

Let’s get started!

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Design a Magazine style WordPress layout + Offering the coded theme-MagaBlue

Today I`m offering you something special.A tutorial of a clean and modern WordPress layout + The coded theme of the layout.

In the tutorial we`re gonna create a PSD layout in Photoshop for a clean Magazine style WordPress theme,which may fits for any type of tasks,from a web design blog to a portfolio one and even for a business one.

The coded WordPress theme is compatible up to 2.8.4 WordPress version and has a modern web typeface.The theme has standard 2 columns layout and is easy to be convertible as you want,as the PSD source of is also included in the package,or just follow the tutorial.

The demo is what you see.My current theme is the same with the theme I`m offering to you.

Have a look!

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Most inspirational sites of the week #4

Welcome back to the 4`th volume of the most inspirational sites of this week.

We all wish we could design a beautiful website,and it`s hard sometimes because we have a lack of creativity.Today I present you a list of websites and blogs from where you`ll get the right inspiration for your new designs.

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