Beyond Design: Protecting Your Beautiful Websites

Whether you build websites for your own businesses or for your clients, you understand better than most people how our collaborative lifestyles are based on the way we use technology to connect with each other at home, work, and everywhere else. By making your websites as strong on the backside as they are beautiful on the inside, you contribute to this scenario.

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3 Smart Alternatives to WordPress

We all know how powerful and versatile WordPress can be. After all, it`s a content management system, with more than 10 years of continuous updates and features implemented and millions of people behind it.

Starting as a blogging platform, WordPress slowly but certainly turned into a veritable CMS over the years.
Most people find it cool, others call it a great CMS, but there are some people which doesn`t find it a proper solution for their projects.

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A Brief Guide to Understand Responsive Vs Adaptive Web Design

Web design is evolving. Designers are ideating innovative design concepts to cut on the renderability issues, optimize load times and make sites search friendly.

Web design’s new ‘buzz words’ are concepts like responsive, scalable and adaptive layouts.

However, there has been a great debate between the responsive and adaptive layouts, so how should designers, and clients, differentiate these methods and apply them for a website template?

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Tips for Staying Interested in Your Blog

Staying interested in your blog can sometimes be a challenge. Struggling to write posts is a common phenomenon, but bloggers rarely admit to it. There are many reasons why your interest might be waning – you could be suffering from writer’s block, or you could have chosen a narrow topic which is too limited.

Follow these tried and tested tips to help rekindle your passion for your blog!

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5 Ways of Creating Rich User Experiences Without Spending Hours in the Source Code (w/ Examples)

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed rich user experiences on the web where I could see how much effort creating something must have taken. The minimalist trend was never entirely my thing, although I don’t have a reasonable explanation for this. It’s just my own take on web design.

But rich user experiences are not about building 100%-Flash powered sites anymore. In this day and age, the results (as in monetary results) are what matters most for almost all websites, and having something that’s visually attractive is only #2 or #3 on the list.

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Single Page Websites: Fad or future?

Have you recently stumbled upon a single page website? This trend is the buzzword at the moment and indicates a radical shift in the design world. For those who are still not aware about this phenomena, a single page website has all information on one page.

You can scroll through the information using modern standards and techniques such as CSS3 and Ajax which display information as needed. The emergence of single page websites perfectly epitomizes the changing preference of today’s user who don’t want to waste time navigating through layers of navigation to get information.

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Trends: Websites Are Going Fullscreen

The speed of changes in web design industry is incredible. Yesterday we were building shiny websites with layouts full of gradients and shadows, today it`s all about flat design, a combination between minimalism, modern typography and warm colors. Even if you`re an established freelancer or engaged in a creative agency or looking for one to hire you through jobs classifieds or by other ways, following trends and looking for ways to impress clients with pieces of your work is without a doubt, a winning recipe.

So, today we`ll speak about fullscreen websites.

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Biggest Mistakes with SEO for eCommerce Store Owners

When developing an eCommerce store, a big part of its success is to create and maintain a search engine optimization strategy. Most businesses agree that a proper strategy is important and many of them try to do it on their own. The problem that often comes when people do things without a base is that they’ll often make a number of mistakes.

Knowing in advance what these mistakes are and how to avoid them can help you make a site significantly more effective and search engine friendly.

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How to Boost Your Brand Visibility with Smartimage

Branding is something that every company should have. Branding is the heart and soul of any successful business. Therefore, branding an idea, a concept or an entire business is a must do. If you already did that and feel that there`s room for more or for something new, rebranding is the word.

All in all, the idea is to make you noticed, make you stand out of the crowd, get you in the real game called entrepreneurship. I`m sure you already read enough articles and applied some ideas about how to boost your company visibility, but there`s plenty of space for more. This article is about how to increase your brand awareness by managing the most important assets of any business: images and files.

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Tips on How to Secure a WordPress Website

Internet is a necessity nowadays to most of us and is quite interesting how it plays a vital role of influence to our lives, mirrored somehow in the society. Everyday people surf internet, read news online, publish things, etc. and many of them are even webmasters. But when people doesn`t take necessary precautions to keep their website secure, this becomes a problem, especially if they don’t have an updated backup ready to be used.

Websites built on WordPress, a free and open blogging tool and a content management system, can be vulnerable to different security issues; the truth is that there are hackers out there who break WordPress websites everyday. As internet users, we`re in a continuous search of ways for an easy and hassle free experience. In order to keep WordPress secure here are 9 easy steps you can follow in minutes!

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