30 Famous Logos Then and Now – The Difference is Astonishing!

famous logos then and now

Logos play a pivotal role in the overall establishment of the brand identity of any business, as they leave a significant impression on consumers’ mind. Even some consumers to come up with a perception of the company just by viewing its trademark. This makes it a necessary branding investment, pressing businesses to get them created professionally.

In fact, they are the visual impression of companies’ brand. An alluring trademark can bewitch consumers, thus making an unforgettable memory.

Imprinted on your company’s website or on your products, it’s the symbol of your entire brand identity that talks to your consumers directly. That’s why businesses around the globe have been working continuously towards the betterment of their trademarks, and have kept them changing time to time as per the trends.

Below are some of the world’s most reputed brands’ logos. Take a look at these famous logos, and see how they were in their beginning and how they have changed today.

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How to Boost Your Brand Visibility with Smartimage

Branding is something that every company should have. Branding is the heart and soul of any successful business. Therefore, branding an idea, a concept or an entire business is a must do. If you already did that and feel that there`s room for more or for something new, rebranding is the word.

All in all, the idea is to make you noticed, make you stand out of the crowd, get you in the real game called entrepreneurship. I`m sure you already read enough articles and applied some ideas about how to boost your company visibility, but there`s plenty of space for more. This article is about how to increase your brand awareness by managing the most important assets of any business: images and files.

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3 Tips for Creating Impressive Business Cards

Business cards are recognized as the key elements involved in business promotion as they play a vital role in the initial marketing correspondence. When the marketing professionals visit prospective clients, the first thing they use for a quick intro is a business card.

From a customer’s perspective, you must have noticed that traditionally designed and regular shaped business cards do not impress you and often end up unread in baskets whereas unique business cards drive you to pay attention and keep them. Here we are going to discuss 3 key elements that will help you in getting the best out of your business cards.

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Key Components of Effective Booklet Design

Translated word for word, booklet means “little book”. But the booklet concept is more than just a tiny book; is a way of advertising, promoting, branding, showcasing and presenting information about a company or a product. They are usually used as brochures or catalogs and are an important element in any company`s advertising campaigns.

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3 Musts of Good Packaging Design

In the retail world today, half the battle is getting the consumer to notice your product on the shelf. With so much competition, it’s more important than ever to have eye-catching packaging that grabs a shopper’s attention. So what are the three musts of good packaging, features that set your products far apart from the competition?

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25 of the Coolest Billboard Ads of All Time

Creative advertising makes us all laugh – whether it’s on the TV, radio or any other medium. Billboards are (like it or not!) part of our everyday lives, but they’ve become so commonplace that it’s easy to ignore them.

We forever find ourselves tasked with creating new, unique ways to market and advertise our products and services to individuals and businesses around the world. So, we’re always looking for better ways to expand our advertising and marketing horizons (and have a laugh along the way!).

We thought we’d share some inspiration with you by putting together a list of just the coolest billboard ads of all time… and these aren’t just any billboard ads. Creative and advertising execs have to constantly push the boundaries to be even more innovative and creative when it comes to billboard ads, and that’s exactly what you can find with these cool, funny and at times, outrageous examples. Enjoy!

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