How Does Fiverr Work? Should You be a Buyer, a Seller or Both?

Fiverr – pronounced “Five-rr” – is the largest and most popular online marketplace in the world today where self-employed or part-time workers offer freelance services, starting from $5, hence the name. It is the brainchild of Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger and has its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The online marketplace is open to freelancers from all corners of the globe who are skilled enough to offer one service or another to customers worldwide. Fiverr launched its website in 2010. By 2012, more than three million services were showcased on the highly reputable online marketplace.

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10 Marketing Objectives Examples Suitable for any Business

Digital marketing is no more an option, it is essential and mandatory to survive in the contemporary era of cut-throat competition. The internet has changed the way people think and make decisions. Consumer behaviors and buying patterns have changed drastically and it is time to adapt to the new market to encash the opportunities for your business. If you don’t have an effective, well-planned and resourceful strategy for your business, you are missing something terribly important.

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Beyond Design: Protecting Your Beautiful Websites

Whether you build websites for your own businesses or for your clients, you understand better than most people how our collaborative lifestyles are based on the way we use technology to connect with each other at home, work, and everywhere else. By making your websites as strong on the backside as they are beautiful on the inside, you contribute to this scenario.

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Sell Your Products Online Utilizing the Best Tools

Every business sells online, but small businesses need an edge to compete in the marketplace against the big companies. Luckily, there are a variety of tools available to you so you can sell online. Heck, you could even build an online store from scratch, by using WordPress.

These tools not only help you to post your merchandise for sale, but they also help you to get more attention to your business and ultimately convert sales. These are just a few of the tools available to you.

More tools are becoming available all the time, so keep your eyes open and seek out the latest innovations in the marketplace.

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Invoicera- An App That Makes Invoicing as Simple as ABC

Trusting an online application to be able to run the tasks of managing estimates/ invoices and working along the same lines could be a daunting task. Of course, the system has to be extremely reliable and trust worthy, else there is no way to even consider the same, besides the system has to be laced with various other features and functionalities to help the business to gain from and prosper.

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How to Make the Internet Your Own Money-Making Machine

It has all been said before: the Internet is the right place to make money because it has an audience wider than practically all other media. As such, it provides you with a market that is larger, more cheaply accessible and a lot easier to interact with. Add up the fact that an online business requires less capital, is more manageable, is relatively less expensive and is easier to grow and expand,it’s no wonder that more and more people are joining the market and tapping into the ever-growing cyber population.

And YOU can join the bandwagon.

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7 Tips for Improving Your Website Landing Page

Landing pages are surely one of the most striking as well as eye catching tools that help you to get a galore of traffic to your website. The landing page happens to be a particularly designed page that serves the purpose of enticing the readers to click on a particular contextual link. These pages prove to be significant help to convince your target audience. Therefore it is pretty imperative on your part to be cautious as you put together content (text, images as well as visuals) in these pages. Your success lies in your capacity of proper selection. If you are able to make a qualitative effort in them you are definitely going to ensure a good ROI for sure.

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Create a Business Website with an Attractive Design

You’ve got your trademark, your product, and licensed your company name. You’ve signed every dotted line required to make your company legitimate and you are open for business, but where are your customers? If you are missing the exposure you desire, there are several methods for advertising that can set you apart from competition. Some businesses prefer a grassroots form of advertising; getting listed in the local or regional print yellow pages, circulating fliers, holding open houses and going to conferences and events for networking purposes.

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Cloud Applications Which Will Boost Your Productivity

One of the biggest today`s concern of every business is the workflow, or how to improve productivity with less working time and resources. Don`t you ask yourself at the end of somedays, noticing that your productivity was low than expected: “what did I do today?” It is time to increase a bit the efficiency of your work by using cloud applications!

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40 Creative Business Card Designs for Your Brand Identity

Building a brand identity requires a lot of time and work. Besides the reputation you make among your clients for your great work, you have to take into consideration the stationery aspect of your business and the first thing you should take care of are business cards. They are the first thing a potential client sees, therefore, the way they look and the feelings they transmit are very important for creating a the right impression among your future clients.

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