12 Responsive CSS Frameworks for Modern Web Design

The development of technology, especially devices like Smartphones and Tablets and bigger and bigger monitors introduced a new concept in web design: Responsive Web Design.

What does responsive web design means? Let`s say that you have to build a website for a client and you want to do it based on a standard grid system, for example 960.gs. But the client also wants versions of the website for Iphone and Ipad screens too. You`re not going to build 3 different websites, instead you`re going to use a responsive grid system which adapts the website for all types of screen resolutions. This is how responsive web design works.

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25 Out of the Box Tutorials powered by jQuery and CSS3

CSS3 is the latest member of Cascading Style Sheet family,born with some amazing new features,like rounded-corners,text-shadow and box-shadow or transparency.On the other hand,jQuery,the “Write less,do more” Javascript library is just amazing…its plugins simply kills Flash.Why to use Flash when we have jQuery and CSS3?

Take your website to a new level by starting to use the power of CSS3 combined with jQuery.Don`t be afraid!Let`s forget IE6! Take Twitter example who`s using already the CSS3 rounded-corners and drop-shadow!

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