Mobile Website Design vs. Full Sites: 4 Ways They Differ

A mobile website design is vital to companies whose main goal is to reach all potential users of the WorldWideWeb.

It has become a necessity in today’s generation of extensive mobile use, which debunks arguments of it being merely a fad. Instead, analysts believe that the future of the internet will be tremendously dominated by mobile browsing.

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5 Ways of Creating Rich User Experiences Without Spending Hours in the Source Code (w/ Examples)

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed rich user experiences on the web where I could see how much effort creating something must have taken. The minimalist trend was never entirely my thing, although I don’t have a reasonable explanation for this. It’s just my own take on web design.

But rich user experiences are not about building 100%-Flash powered sites anymore. In this day and age, the results (as in monetary results) are what matters most for almost all websites, and having something that’s visually attractive is only #2 or #3 on the list.

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7 Worthwhile Ways For Designers to Please Their Clients

If you are a design professional, you must definitely be aware of the competition you face in this industry, day in and day out. Professionals are always on their toes to deliver the best to the clients, else they know that there are others, capable enough to sweep the client off from them. Therefore, it becomes extremely essential to hold your clients, so that you do not face the slow downs in your business. Which means, you will have to always keep your clients delighted.

I will further discuss with you some of the brilliant ways to please your clients, so that they keep coming back to you time and again.

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3 Musts of Good Packaging Design

In the retail world today, half the battle is getting the consumer to notice your product on the shelf. With so much competition, it’s more important than ever to have eye-catching packaging that grabs a shopper’s attention. So what are the three musts of good packaging, features that set your products far apart from the competition?

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20 Exciting Examples of Motion Graphics

For several years, infographics have been a popular way to provide Internet users with information about any given topic. They’re easier to follow and capture much more attention than a simple text article or blog post on the same subject. They allow complex information to be made more accessible and more immediately relevant.

Motion graphics take this concept a step further by including animation, audio, digital video, typography and other elements to increase the value and quality of the graphic.

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Role of Size in Logo Design

Every now and then you come across an entrepreneur who demands a logo design that is large in dimensions. Without realizing the quality and efficiency of the design they would demand an identity that is bigger in size than an appealing one. Since they are paying you for their work, they want to earn the maximum benefit from it. But it is crucial for them to understand that a logo design is not just text and graphics but an integration of both contents. Moreover, logos should be designed in such a way that they could be used till the existence of the brand. Following next steps help entrepreneurs to understand the proper message associated with their logo.

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8 Fundamental Typography Tips for Designers

Many web designers spend too much time and energy on the overall theme of their sites but forget entirely about typography, so I decided to share with you some typography tips. Typography involves making language visible through type. Your site’s visitors are not stopping by to look at the design you have created – they are there because of your content. Have you considered if your content is clear and your type legible?

Here are eight typography tips to consider. How does your current design strategy measure up?

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25 of the Coolest Billboard Ads of All Time

Creative advertising makes us all laugh – whether it’s on the TV, radio or any other medium. Billboards are (like it or not!) part of our everyday lives, but they’ve become so commonplace that it’s easy to ignore them.

We forever find ourselves tasked with creating new, unique ways to market and advertise our products and services to individuals and businesses around the world. So, we’re always looking for better ways to expand our advertising and marketing horizons (and have a laugh along the way!).

We thought we’d share some inspiration with you by putting together a list of just the coolest billboard ads of all time… and these aren’t just any billboard ads. Creative and advertising execs have to constantly push the boundaries to be even more innovative and creative when it comes to billboard ads, and that’s exactly what you can find with these cool, funny and at times, outrageous examples. Enjoy!

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The Anatomy of a Business Card. Design Principles and Examples

Business cards are stationery items used to connect people with your business and transforming them in clients. In many cases, business card is the only element which can promote you, being the first thing a person sees before deciding whether to become your client or to move on with others. Therefore, it is important to understand that business cards have an important role in creating business relationships and that there are a few things which can make the difference between a new client or another business card thrown away.

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Creative Examples of Typographic Business Cards

A good business card is that business card which can present the image of the business in such a manner that the person who receives it remains impressed by its quality in design and material. Business cards shouldn`t just offer information, they should present and transmit the principles and ideology on which the main business is built on. In other words, you can define a business card as the transfiguration of your entire business philosophy on a piece of material.

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