20 Famous and Free Fonts to Download

Building a brand is always the toughest thing to do and it requires a lot of research, work and time. The most common element which defines a brand is the logo, which usually contains a symbol and text. Therefore, the process of designing a proper logo to fit the business principles and vision is mandatory.

Next, I`m presenting you a series of typefaces used by brands which made history. Among all, they`re free fonts to download and many of them free for non-commercial use, taking into account that these brands are globally recognized. In any case, make sure you add them to your desig toolkit. You never know when they`ll come in handy!

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How to Identify Fonts using WhatFontIs

Did you stumble upon an awesome font displayed on a website and tried to find out its name, but you couldn`t, even if you did a lot of research and asked a lot of people on a lot of forums? Or did you recently had a revelation while eating your favorite cereals in the morning related to typefaces used on the cereals box? In other words, what I`m trying to say is “what`s the easiest way to identify a font?”. Meet WhatFontIs, your new font finder web tool.

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30 Most Popular and Free Sans Serif Fonts

Sans Serif fonts are a good alternative to standard fonts used in web design. A custom font can make the difference between a good design and a better one, because custom is good, custom is the way to uniqueness. I`m sure you`re tired of Arial or Georgia. Now you can replace them with custom fonts. The ways to do it is simple and the most accessible ways are using Cufon, which is based on Javascript, or the CSS @font-face rule, which is a brand-new CSS3 rule.

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What is an Experimental Typography? Trends and Examples

Those quirky fonts, funky colors and cool props that you see in print ads may have an unusual flair in its design that makes you take a second look. Designers often experiment with different design elements and interfaces to make a piece come alive or really stand out. Their creative applications are a little of what designers use to play with in order to get an idea of what is intriguing and aesthetically appealing.

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30 Elegant and Beautiful Free Fonts for Creative Designs

Font is one of the key elements in any design related project. As a freelancer, having a serious bunch of good and various fonts is a must-have. For this reason, I gathered 30 great and very clean fonts, ready to be added to your typography collection. From books, reports, print catalogs to brochures and posters, you can use them for any type of project you want!

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20 Best Free Calligraphy Fonts for Download

Calligraphy fonts go beyond usual typeface definition in typography. Calligraphy raises beauty above the functionality, so that a reader could not only perceive the meaning of letters but also receive aesthetic pleasure from reading the text, printed with calligraphy font. Originating from the ancient times, the art of creating calligraphy fonts is still popular these days. With the development of digital techniques in typography, calligraphy fonts have received wide popularization and are now commonly used in graphics and visual design, where it is necessary to deliver a special message in perfect form.

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20 Beautiful Fonts You Can Implement With Cufón Font Replacement

Have you wonder how to implement inside your website beautiful custom fonts that you see on the internet or you`re using inside Photoshop? Cufón is a very elegant way to beautify any website with a nice font and is growing in popularity among designers thanks to its simplicity of install and use.

Cufón aims to become a worthy alternative to sIFR, which despite its merits still remains painfully tricky to set up and use.

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20 Free Font Websites Everyone Should Visit

Why pay for a font when you can get an equivalent one for free? Designers occasionally offer their wares for public use, all you have to do is find a font to match your need – and there’s no shortage of them!

Here is a collection of the best font repositories where you can find a font for nearly every need under the sun.

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20 Beautiful Serif Fonts for Better Designs

Serif fonts are considered the easiest to read because the small strokes (serifs) simply emphasize
each separate glyph and make it better recognizable.Serif fonts are not really style specific. You may find grunge serif fonts, comic serif fonts and so on.

If you are a serif fan yourself, I am sure you’ll appreciate the collection of 20 free serif fonts I put together.Take a look below .. download and enjoy!

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