Powerful HTML5 Tools to Pump Up your Work Flow

HTML5 is without a doubt the most talked about programming language and if I am not stretching the truth too far, HTML5 is redefining the concept of development, more particularly, mobile app development segment. Since more and more websites are getting migrated from simple HTML to more interactive and sophisticated HTML5 versions, chances are quite high that you will have to deal with such projects soon.

So, it makes sense that you need to have quick access to some HTML5 development tools so that you can speed up the development process and make it less painful. I`m going to present you a roundup of some cool HTML5 apps that can increase your productivity and save some time along the way.

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Why HTML5 is Good for Your Web Projects

HTML is the framework around which the web is built, but why HTML5 is good for your web projects, being regular websites or advanced web applications? All over the web design industry, people are talking about HTML version 5, accessibility and CSS3. But what exactly is it about?

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10 Must Watch Video Tutorials on HTML5

HTML5 is buzzed all over the web. Although this new markup has been well known to web developers for years, the popularity of HTML5 came only in 2010, after Steve Jobs’s ban of Flash for Apple mobiles. As HTML5 had been proclaimed the new standard of web development, webmasters started learning the insights of HTML5 and using it in work. However, it was a hard task to learn everything by yourself, without any guidance or training materials available.

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