30 Fresh and Free Icon Sets for Your Web Applications

Icon sets are beautiful. Just imagine for a second how these icons are made, using an amazing precision to build the shapes and quite a large amount of time to finish them. Is really impressive.

Now, imagine a website or a web app without icons. For me, is like eating food without salt. Today I want to present you 30 fresh and free icon sets which although they`re free, the quality of each piece is irreproachable!

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How to Add a Favicon to Your Website or Blog

As you browse around the internet on your favorite website or blog, you may notice that a little icon rests next to the URL, whether in the navigation tool bar or the tabs in your browser. It caught your attention, which makes it a great addition to that website. That icon is known as a favorites icon, which is exceptionally effective in giving a website or blog the novelty it needs to grab the attention of visitors.

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