30 Beautiful Examples of Inviting Hotel Brochures

Inviting Hotel Brochures Examples and Templates

Convincing people to stay a day or two at your hotel is difficult because it’s very likely that you’re dealing with a fierce competition. Small and large-scale hotels and properties struggle to gain the market`s acceptance and a place in it because they are forced to go up against well-established players with a proven track of quality services and satisfied customers.

To stand out from the competition, there is the need of establishing successful, results-driven marketing campaigns with the use of a series of promotional tools which could help get the name out to the public. One of these tools are the very well known brochures, which are leaflets containing information about your hotel. They`re usually displayed in hotel rooms or places with high foot traffic within the hotel or its amenities.

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Great Examples of Mobile Apps Interface Designs

The world of mobile applications is quite young, starting with the launch of the iPhone several years ago. Apple totally reinvented the cellphone, transforming it into what we know today as the smartphone. They created a friendly ecosystem for designers and developers, offering the possibility to actually build apps for the mobile phones.

Nowadays, we`re leaving into a world of applications. Everywhere you go, whatever you do, you`re linked to tens of applications everyday. Checking the mail in the morning, reading the newspaper directly on a mobile device, paying for coffee at the coffee shop, buying tickets for a concert, planning the next vacation, all the things that we do are related to apps.

Because the mobile phone became a part of our lives, apps are the ones who make the life easier, funnier, more entertaining. This is mainly the merit of the people behind them, programmers, developers and designers who`re innovating every day in terms of design, usability and user experience.

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Flat Design: Great Examples of Websites Following the Trend

Although the “flat design” concept is not new, being successfully used many years ago within design projects, it looks like this year it made a comeback. And what a comeback! Facebook and Google already followed the trend and improved their product designs with flat elements. Microsoft increased the trend popularity by its Windows 8 releases and many other websites are successfully implementing elements which define a flat design.

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44 Unique and Creative 404 Error Pages

We all get frustrated when we`re searching for something on the internet and encounter a 404 page. Although the resource we were searching for is not available anymore, the 404 design page might make your day. A website without a 404 error page is somehow incomplete and the way it is designed can influence user behaviour. Even if these kind of pages are pretty annoying when we stumble upon them, there are cool websites whose creative 404 error pages are really delightful to watch!

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30 Professional WordPress Themes of November 2012

WordPress is without a doubt the most easiest to use CMS in the world. Its huge community makes things work so smooth, that you don`t even need to care about problems you might encounter while building up your website. And all because when it comes to WordPress, there are answers for all your questions. Working with WordPress is a breeze: install WordPress within 5 minutes(you`ve probably heard already about the famous 5 minutes install), pick a theme, add it to WordPress and get ready to rock and roll!

There are thousands of WordPress themes available, built for any type of needs. Blogging, business, portfolios, you name it! But how many of them can build a website? In this article, I want to share with you the best themes released in November which I`m sure will impress you through the awesome design and amazing functionality!

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20 Interesting One-Page Website Designs

Nowadays, when time is more valuable than ever, keeping visitors on a website became a priority. In order to do that, web designers came with an elegant solution which combines functionality and design with a great user experience: one page websites. In this article you can enjoy some of the most interesting and unique one page websites which present their content using cool effects.

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