30 Beautiful Examples of Inviting Hotel Brochures

Inviting Hotel Brochures Examples and Templates

Convincing people to stay a day or two at your hotel is difficult because it’s very likely that you’re dealing with a fierce competition. Small and large-scale hotels and properties struggle to gain the market`s acceptance and a place in it because they are forced to go up against well-established players with a proven track of quality services and satisfied customers.

To stand out from the competition, there is the need of establishing successful, results-driven marketing campaigns with the use of a series of promotional tools which could help get the name out to the public. One of these tools are the very well known brochures, which are leaflets containing information about your hotel. They`re usually displayed in hotel rooms or places with high foot traffic within the hotel or its amenities.

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Flat Design: Great Examples of Websites Following the Trend

Although the “flat design” concept is not new, being successfully used many years ago within design projects, it looks like this year it made a comeback. And what a comeback! Facebook and Google already followed the trend and improved their product designs with flat elements. Microsoft increased the trend popularity by its Windows 8 releases and many other websites are successfully implementing elements which define a flat design.

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20 Interesting One-Page Website Designs

Nowadays, when time is more valuable than ever, keeping visitors on a website became a priority. In order to do that, web designers came with an elegant solution which combines functionality and design with a great user experience: one page websites. In this article you can enjoy some of the most interesting and unique one page websites which present their content using cool effects.

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30+ Fresh and Popular Web Application Websites

We`re all making use of apps every day, even if they are desktop, mobile, tablet or web applications. Many of us are depending on them and we have to admit that using them has become a lifestyle. We can`t imagine life without an email client or a web sharing service. I want to share with you some of the most popular web applications. Some of them you`re probably using already and some you`ll certainly try in the future.

I`m not referring to the main product, which in all cases is complete, but to their website designs, which looks incredibly awesome. Bold colors, great graphic elements, perfect UI design, 100% landing pages! All the designs can be considered web design trend setters. Are you planning to design a landing page for an app? Then you shouldn`t miss this showcase. Enjoy!

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Creative Examples of Typographic Business Cards

A good business card is that business card which can present the image of the business in such a manner that the person who receives it remains impressed by its quality in design and material. Business cards shouldn`t just offer information, they should present and transmit the principles and ideology on which the main business is built on. In other words, you can define a business card as the transfiguration of your entire business philosophy on a piece of material.

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15 Unique and Innovative Single Page Website Designs

One of the greatest challenges for designers, or any type of creative role, is working with limitations. It’s easy to throw a stream of ideas or styles into a single project, but giving yourself restrictions will allow you to truly flex your talents as a designer. A particularly intriguing example of this in terms of web design can be found in sites that host the entirety of their content on a single page.

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30 Great Examples of Pricing Plans and Tables

Selling the product or service is the most important part of every company and pricing plans and tables are the best way to do it. The keywords which define a pricing plan or table are usability and design. A good pricing table should explain clearly and precisely the features of the product, options and costs of each plan, presenting the information as intuitive as possible for a user to make the best choice.

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