Enhance your Workflow with Photoshop Plugins

Working with Photoshop is always a pleasure but some projects may require many working hours and the effects involved may be hard to apply. Did you ever think at how cool will be to have all the elements from effects to patterns in one place and just to select and apply them whenever you need? I`m sure some of the hard working hours will be reduced. There is a solution and is called Filter Forge – Photoshop Plugin.So, why not to make your life easier?

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Angel praying on the clouds

We`re going to create a fantasy photo manipulation with an angel who is sitting on the clouds and prays.

Along the way,we`ll be using selection techniques,lights and shadows,pen tool and brushes.It`s a simple tutorial but if you have any questions,give me a comment.

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Design a wolf howling at the moon

In this tutorial,I`ll show you the steps I took to create an amazing wallpaper with a wolf howling at a big magic moon.

Along the way,we`ll be using a lot of blending options,lights and shadows,selection techniques,pen tool and brushes.I hope that you`ll find it useful and inspirational.

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