20 Awesome Motion Blur Photos for Your Inspiration

An image gets blurred when the subject of the photograph moves faster in comparison to the background or vice versa. Photographers use this weakness, to their advantage. A blurred motion picture often bestows a sense of movement and action to the photograph by freezing a span of time through the lens.

This unique photography technique can be used for giving a dramatic effect to commonplace as well as special scenes like speeding tiger in its natural habitat, flights taking off on the run away and many more.

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20 Amazing Examples of Photo Manipulations

Since photo editing tools became available and affordable, people started to unleash their creativity and transpose it on screen and one way to do it was to create what we call photo manipulation. We don`t need an easel and watercolors to paint anymore, we just open Photoshop, grab the paintbrush tool, import a bunch of photos and manipulate them into digital art. Even if they showcase landscapes or sceneries, sci-fi, surreal or are just abstract, this kind of photo editing are really awesome and enchant and surprise us each time we see them!

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20 Brilliant Examples of Forced Perspective Photography

Photo editing is a trend these days. Your photos are cool if you know how to use any design software. Thing is, not everyone can work with these tools. But no worries, if you’re not comfortable editing pictures, this post is for you. Do you know that there’s a camera trick that can create amazing photos without the need to edit anything? All you have to do is to change your perspective.

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