How to Optimize Images for the Web – A Practical Guide

Optimizing images for web is still a little-known practice. When it comes to websites and images, things can get a little complicated. You see, while images are something which all websites simply must have, for many reasons, they increase the overall size of a web page and thus slow down the loading speed of that web page. Above all, this is very problematic because of the user experience that this conveys.

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34 Outstanding Admin Panels for Your Web Applications

Nowadays, more and more web applications are trying to take their stake from the internet, coming in your help and trying to make your internet`s life easier through their admin panels. Many people are using twitter and facebook, or other social networks to communicate, and as a reward, big networks are offering what is called “The API key” (application programming interface) to help programmers to create related web applications.

Now, is so simple to create a web app based on a template; there are many tutorials showing you how to use an API key; all you have to do is to come with an out of the box idea. So, you have the application. What`s next?

I`m saying an “Administration Panel, ” and you must agree with my point of view because is a must-have for a web app. So, I want to come in your help by presenting you 34 most appealing and fully featured back-end control admin panels from the internet.

But before digging into admin panel templates, the fate of any web app is very strong related to how well a company knows its clients and what user experience they`re provided with. Making sure that a company keeps tracks of any activity within the app and taking decisions based on this information to improve the overall page loading time are two key factors in the business success.

Choose your favorite, create a web app and start taking your stake from this big pie called internet!

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15 Free jQuery Plugins for Responsive Web Design

Web design is developing at high speeds. Nowadays, each web designer`s mission of keeping up with trends and web requirements is a complex process because there are more and more technologies which have to blend together in order to achieve a high-quality finished product. Responsive web design became from a concept a necessity in less than a year and it seems that this is the direction things are going to.

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12 Responsive CSS Frameworks for Modern Web Design

The development of technology, especially devices like Smartphones and Tablets and bigger and bigger monitors introduced a new concept in web design: Responsive Web Design.

What does responsive web design means? Let`s say that you have to build a website for a client and you want to do it based on a standard grid system, for example But the client also wants versions of the website for Iphone and Ipad screens too. You`re not going to build 3 different websites, instead you`re going to use a responsive grid system which adapts the website for all types of screen resolutions. This is how responsive web design works.

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PaperLaunch – Free "Under Construction" Template

Because the new year just started, I want to offer you a gift. I`ve built a new template which can be used for under construction / coming soon websites. Did you`ve recently bought a domain name but you don`t have the website finished? Use my template! I consider these kind of templates very important because they help you a lot. You can gather a list of email subscribers, you can get in touch with future clients and you can redirect the visitors to your social networks. I present you PaperLaunch!

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30 Most Popular and Free Sans Serif Fonts

Sans Serif fonts are a good alternative to standard fonts used in web design. A custom font can make the difference between a good design and a better one, because custom is good, custom is the way to uniqueness. I`m sure you`re tired of Arial or Georgia. Now you can replace them with custom fonts. The ways to do it is simple and the most accessible ways are using Cufon, which is based on Javascript, or the CSS @font-face rule, which is a brand-new CSS3 rule.

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30 Fresh and Free Icon Sets for Your Web Applications

Icon sets are beautiful. Just imagine for a second how these icons are made, using an amazing precision to build the shapes and quite a large amount of time to finish them. Is really impressive.

Now, imagine a website or a web app without icons. For me, is like eating food without salt. Today I want to present you 30 fresh and free icon sets which although they`re free, the quality of each piece is irreproachable!

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30 jQuery Plugins You Should Implement on Your Website

jQuery plugins are what web designers love most. From image sliders, to image galleries and navigation plugins, they are so many, so diverse, so amazing and interactive that can beautify a website instantly. Let`s take a look at 30 plugins which I consider a must when building websites. Of course, you can`t implement all of them, but I`m sure you`ll find them a use in your future projects.

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