5 Ways to Instantly Create Your Own Beautiful Websites

Thanks to new technologies and online services, putting up your own website no longer has to take a long time. There’s no need to learn HTML or coding. It’s possible to have your own site up and running complete with all the features expected in a modern website. And it’s not just some basic or simple website you can instantly create. There are different ways that will let you instantly create your own beautiful website.

The options listed below focus on the quick creation of aesthetically appealing websites that are also fully functional. These are not ordinary website-building tools or services that let you generate basic sites with static pages. They are arguably the best website making options you can try if you particularly want to produce an appealing and fully functional website in a short period of time.

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Design a Professional Website with Webydo & Experience The Freedom of Creativity

The Web is swarming with elementary website builders that promise to help anyone set up an online presence in a matter of minutes. However, 74% of sites are not being fashioned with these platforms, because they don’t have what it takes to satisfy clients with high standards. Therefore, the task of creating and publishing unique installments is appointed to web designers and web developers, who usually team up and invest a lot of energy in coding.

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Best 6 Online Productivity Tools For Writers

We hear and say it all the time, the Internet is a great resource. This is certainly true but it can also be this black hole where you spend the bulk of your time searching only to come back to life several hours later. As you already know, the average writer spends between 50 and 70 percent of their time on the Internet.

This is can be cool if you are only there to watch Brittana GIFs, but the web can be an endless abyss that will easily overwhelm you. For this reason, there are a number of tools you can use to manage how you use the Internet and get the best use out of it as a writer.

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6 Online Invoice Solutions for Freelancers

When it comes to invoicing clients as a freelancer, it can be quite a headache inducing task. The chances are you don’t have your own personal accountant, and when you have several clients on the go at once things can get very confusing, very quickly.

Being your own boss definitely has its perks, but it also your own accountant among other things. Thankfully, there are an abundance of resources, tools and solutions when it comes to invoicing clients for your work. Whether you sell a product or charge by the hour, it’s easy to accept payments online and streamline your freelance business.

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Powerful HTML5 Tools to Pump Up your Work Flow

HTML5 is without a doubt the most talked about programming language and if I am not stretching the truth too far, HTML5 is redefining the concept of development, more particularly, mobile app development segment. Since more and more websites are getting migrated from simple HTML to more interactive and sophisticated HTML5 versions, chances are quite high that you will have to deal with such projects soon.

So, it makes sense that you need to have quick access to some HTML5 development tools so that you can speed up the development process and make it less painful. I`m going to present you a roundup of some cool HTML5 apps that can increase your productivity and save some time along the way.

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IM Creator – A New Way to Create Your Website

As some of you already know, the structure of a website is basically constituted of a series of files. Their nature is strong related to the technology used to build the website, like HTML for simple and static pages or PHP, ASP, etc. for websites more advanced and complex. To make you an idea about how powerful some programming languages can be, a great example is Facebook, which is entirely built on a PHP framework.

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Encouraging Clients to Build their Own Website

It is a wonderful problem to have – too many clients and not enough time. It means your design business has really taken off. As your popularity increases, you’ll have to decide which clients you will help and which you will turn away. Some potential clients want just the bare bones for their website design. Others have a fair amount of creativity but are scared to take the leap by themselves. These types of prospective clients would probably do just fine on their own.

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How to Identify Fonts using WhatFontIs

Did you stumble upon an awesome font displayed on a website and tried to find out its name, but you couldn`t, even if you did a lot of research and asked a lot of people on a lot of forums? Or did you recently had a revelation while eating your favorite cereals in the morning related to typefaces used on the cereals box? In other words, what I`m trying to say is “what`s the easiest way to identify a font?”. Meet WhatFontIs, your new font finder web tool.

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Top 10 Typography Tools for Web Designers

Typography happens to be the key factor for web designing these days. It can be quite challenging and fascinating to work with typography. A plethora of tools have come up to let you build your own fonts and insert them into your designs, with ease. In this post, I`m going to introduce you some great typography tools, which will be very useful and quite time saving.

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