40 Free Digital Art HD Wallpapers

What would our world be without art? Have you ever asked yourselves that question? Well, even if you did, we are sure you couldn’t find an imaginable answer simply because the world is embellished by art on its whole surface and in its every corner.

Art in all of its forms fuels the symbolical view of the world and feeds the subconscious of each human being, thus making this planet a better place to live in. The world functioning without music, paintings, poetry, photographs, cinema, theatre and so on is almost an impossible prospect to our imagination. Throughout the decades, innumerable forms of art have been devised by the human being for the satisfaction of all the senses, each time evolving from the classical to a more modern representation.

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12 Funny Winter Wallpapers

Is the end of November and winter is knocking at our doors. When the first snowflakes will come, we have to be ready. Therefore, customizing your desktop with an appropriate wallpaper is a must. 🙂 I want to share with you some funny winter wallpapers which I am sure will put you in the mood with the season’s events!

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The Art of Photo Manipulation. Techniques and Examples

If a picture is worth a thousand words, will a manipulated photograph say less or more?

The controversial art of photograph manipulation has been practiced for almost two centuries. Some call it an art form; for others, it is simply glorified fakery. But whichever side of the fence you are on, there is no denying that photo manipulation is very useful and requires a lot of creativity, precision, and skill.

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