WordPress Security: The Ultimate Beginners Guide for 2020

The Ultimate WordPress Security Guide for 2018

WordPress, as we all know, is the most popular CMS in the market today powering millions of websites on the internet. Its popularity is largely due to its ease-of-use and user-friendly dashboard that makes managing, updating and maintaining a WordPress website easier. Moreover, apart from helping you build a beautiful website, thanks to the availability of a number of WordPress themes & Plugins, It helps you to create an SEO-friendly website that helps boost ranking and traffic.

WordPress is the best CMS there is, however, due to its immense popularity it has become a target for malicious hackers, who are constantly trying to find vulnerabilities that they can exploit. Thus, while WordPress does provide you with air-tight security, you need to additionally shore up your WordPress defences.

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5 Ways to Instantly Create Your Own Beautiful Websites

Thanks to new technologies and online services, putting up your own website no longer has to take a long time. There’s no need to learn HTML or coding. It’s possible to have your own site up and running complete with all the features expected in a modern website. And it’s not just some basic or simple website you can instantly create. There are different ways that will let you instantly create your own beautiful website.

The options listed below focus on the quick creation of aesthetically appealing websites that are also fully functional. These are not ordinary website-building tools or services that let you generate basic sites with static pages. They are arguably the best website making options you can try if you particularly want to produce an appealing and fully functional website in a short period of time.

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A Brief Guide to Understand Responsive Vs Adaptive Web Design

Web design is evolving. Designers are ideating innovative design concepts to cut on the renderability issues, optimize load times and make sites search friendly.

Web design’s new ‘buzz words’ are concepts like responsive, scalable and adaptive layouts.

However, there has been a great debate between the responsive and adaptive layouts, so how should designers, and clients, differentiate these methods and apply them for a website template?

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Single Page Websites: Fad or future?

Have you recently stumbled upon a single page website? This trend is the buzzword at the moment and indicates a radical shift in the design world. For those who are still not aware about this phenomena, a single page website has all information on one page.

You can scroll through the information using modern standards and techniques such as CSS3 and Ajax which display information as needed. The emergence of single page websites perfectly epitomizes the changing preference of today’s user who don’t want to waste time navigating through layers of navigation to get information.

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Trends: Websites Are Going Fullscreen

The speed of changes in web design industry is incredible. Yesterday we were building shiny websites with layouts full of gradients and shadows, today it`s all about flat design, a combination between minimalism, modern typography and warm colors. Even if you`re an established freelancer or engaged in a creative agency or looking for one to hire you through jobs classifieds or by other ways, following trends and looking for ways to impress clients with pieces of your work is without a doubt, a winning recipe.

So, today we`ll speak about fullscreen websites.

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Flat Design: Great Examples of Websites Following the Trend

Although the “flat design” concept is not new, being successfully used many years ago within design projects, it looks like this year it made a comeback. And what a comeback! Facebook and Google already followed the trend and improved their product designs with flat elements. Microsoft increased the trend popularity by its Windows 8 releases and many other websites are successfully implementing elements which define a flat design.

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Five Essential Strategies to Super-Charge Website Maintenance

There was a time before the latest Google search engine updates when website maintenance could be set on automatic mode after it reached the number one spot in searches for all its most relevant keywords. However, the Google Penguin and Panda updates have changed all that; now website maintenance is crucial for a good position in Google. Even more important than that is the fact that users will always be able to tell if a site is constantly monitored and maintained or not.

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What Does It Take to Run a Website

We’re all engaged in the virtual world, even if we want it or not and a part of our lives is spent on internet surfing, chatting with friends and on social networks. Surfing the internet and browsing websites is the most common thing we do while we’re online. But have you ever wondered what does it take to actually be a part of this huge World Wide Web? Let’s find out!

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Encouraging Clients to Build their Own Website

It is a wonderful problem to have – too many clients and not enough time. It means your design business has really taken off. As your popularity increases, you’ll have to decide which clients you will help and which you will turn away. Some potential clients want just the bare bones for their website design. Others have a fair amount of creativity but are scared to take the leap by themselves. These types of prospective clients would probably do just fine on their own.

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