30 Amazing WordPress Themes of February 2013

What`s the difference between free and premium WordPress themes? The premium theme does more than you could ever imagine. You don`t have to believe me; it`s just what I`ve learned from working with a bunch of awesome themes. But you have to believe me when I say that a WordPress theme can set your website in minutes, because this is true since WordPress was released a few years ago.

But what is a WordPress theme for a website without a great design? This year`s web design trends are more than interesting: metro style designs, bold and big fonts, one-page websites, grid layouts, all built with mobile experience in mind.

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30 Impressive WordPress Themes of January 2013

The industry of WordPress Themes looks great in 2013. Responsive WordPress Themes became a must-have for any website and all because of the extensively development of mobile devices. I`m thrilled to see more and more features implemented into themes: drag and drop page builders, powerful custom post types and admin panels, shortcodes managers, fonts managers, pushing the PHP limits to extreme.

However, functionality means nothing without a pixel-perfect and eye-catching design. Therefore, the way design blends with functionality is the key to a properly built WordPress theme.

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25 Excellent Premium WordPress Themes of December 2012

Firstly, I want to wish you all “Happy New Year!”, wherever you are! Is the end of the year and is time for another WordPress roundup. Comparing to last year, I can`t not speak about the impressive evolution of WordPress themes. If twelve months ago their functionality and versatility was quite impressive, today, the user experience is outstanding. And this is all because of the dedicated community which breaths WordPress.

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30 Professional WordPress Themes of November 2012

WordPress is without a doubt the most easiest to use CMS in the world. Its huge community makes things work so smooth, that you don`t even need to care about problems you might encounter while building up your website. And all because when it comes to WordPress, there are answers for all your questions. Working with WordPress is a breeze: install WordPress within 5 minutes(you`ve probably heard already about the famous 5 minutes install), pick a theme, add it to WordPress and get ready to rock and roll!

There are thousands of WordPress themes available, built for any type of needs. Blogging, business, portfolios, you name it! But how many of them can build a website? In this article, I want to share with you the best themes released in November which I`m sure will impress you through the awesome design and amazing functionality!

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Giveaway: Win One of the Three Developer Licences of Impressionist WordPress Theme

WordPress is without a doubt the most popular CMS in the world, therefore building websites on it is always a smart decision. You probably know already that websites built on WordPress are nothing that themes used by the system to output the content it has in the database. If you`re in search of a new look for your websites or have some projects in your mind and want to deliver them through a new website, stop searching anymore and pay attention at what we`ve prepared you!

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40 Incredibly Powerful WordPress Themes of October 2012

Adapting to this continuously changing environment called “world wide web” is becoming harder and harder each day but at the same time, the benefits are increasing substantially. You see many websites, online projects knocking on your screen and wanting you to become a part of them, your day-by-day habits like taking notes, writing things or reading papers switched to digital platforms, you feel like the world is getting smaller but simultaneously you realize how small you are in this digital era.

Promoting yourself, your business or your projects on this immeasurable platform called internet is without a doubt the right thing to do these days. Of course, the very easy solution is through websites and the best way to get noticed is by combining the power of design with the versatility of web functionality which can make your pages unique and interesting for the audience. Regarding functionality, a CMS (content management system) platform on which you can build web pages is a good choice and what better CMS to use if not the almighty WordPress?

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35 Incredible WordPress Themes of September 2012

Working with WordPress is so easy. Even if you`re a beginner or already an expert, the WordPress admin dashboard is such a friendly place that everyone know what`s all about. Besides the back end of the system, there is the front end, in other words, the website which is seen by visitors, generated by WordPress themes. Theme means that you don`t have to know anything about coding and some coders are taking it so serious that themes developed by them are simply incredible. Widgets, custom post types, menus, appearance options, SEO, sliders are what they eat in the morning.

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Amazing Premium WordPress Themes of August 2012

While WordPress became the most known and used CMS in the world, an impressive industry has been built around it. Custom themes, plugins, web hosting or consulting services are just a few ways to make use of this awesome open source project called WordPress. As of March 2012, WordPress is on more than 72 million websites around the globe, which is quite impressive if you ask me. A big slice of the pie has WordPress themes which are the front end of the system. More powerful and versatile month after month, they`re the first choice for many web designers when building websites. If you didn`t try WordPress yet, you should and you`ll see that you`ll love it from the start. Until then, take a look at the best Premium WordPress themes built this month and you`ll see why you definitely have to give WordPress a try!

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Web Hosting Tips for WordPress Websites

Many websites are running on WordPress, the most popular CMS in use on the internet. Why is it so popular? WordPress was intended to be used as a blogging platform and from the beginning, it started to gain more and more sympathizers among internet users, mainly because many people found a way to share their thoughts, ideas in a simple and efficient manner. Being free and open-source and having a big community of users and developers behind its back, there`s no doubt why it is now the most popular CMS.Before running on WordPress, a website has to run on a server first, server which belongs to a web hosting company. A website built on WordPress has needs and these needs have to be satisfied by the web hosting environment.

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