How to Display Recent Posts with Thumbnails in WordPress

Working with wordpress is a breeze, mainly because the architecture of the content management system is rock-solid and easy to understand but most importantly because the community is so big and can offer you solutions for all your needs, through themes and plugins. Those who run websites built on WordPress, are using a series of plugin which can make their life easier and more productive, but some things really don`t require the need of a plugin.

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How to Create WordPress Shortcodes

WordPress Shortcodes are very useful, especially in wordpress theme development. People who buy themes aren`t experts in web design, so a shortcode will be very useful.

But what is a shortcode? As the name says, a shortcode is a simple and elegant way to display complicated codes using just a word.For example: Imagine that you want to insert inside a post a nice info-box. You have to create div-classes after div-classes and finally you make it. A shortcode gives you the possibility to do this just adding “[information]lorem ipsum[/information] . That`s wicked, don`t you think?

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47 Most Beautiful WordPress Websites from the internet

WordPress has became in the last years the most used blogging platform,being utilized by millions of people.

The reason is simple:Is so easy to use it,it has many features and more and more people comes with themes,tutorials and plug-ins just to help you and to make your life easier.

Because of this,I gathered 47 of the most beautiful WordPress based websites that I found on the internet.

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