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Typography is considered to be the base of web design. Today you can easily design beautiful websites by using only fonts. The success consists in how well you manage to blend fonts with design, in accordance with the purpose or type of the project. For example, bold and high fonts are perfect for online magazines, while humanist typefaces suit well on corporate websites. But from where do you actually get the fonts, and most importantly, how do you know which one is best to use on a certain project? is a huge library which offers more than 40K free fonts for download. Hosting such a big number of fonts, you`re probably thinking how are you going to find the right one for your needs? Well, the website is structured in such a way that you`ll easily find the proper font at the right time, thanks to the well designed, user oriented category sidebar. All fonts are grouped in categories. From 3D to retro and military, you name it, they got it!

The Free Fonts Download process is simple. The steps are intuitive for anyone: find your font by browsing categories or by using the search form and hit download. They can be installed on both Microsoft Windows and MAC operating systems so you don`t have to worry about compatibility issues.

An interesting feature I noticed is the presence of a “download @webfont” button. Using custom fonts within websites is nowadays a standard characteristic and everyone which considers to be a web developer should know about it and more importantly, should know how to use it. This feature is a time-saver and we all know how valuable time may be. Now, you don`t have to search anymore on the internet for a font that you like, download it and then again, search for a “font to webfont” convertor service to get the webfont kit. Ffonts has everything in one place.

Wrapping up, simplifies things so you can focus on your own projects. The impressive stats(more than 40K fonts + more than 16 million downloads) are the proof that the guys from behind the scene know all about fonts and more importantly, know how to make things easy for you by curating the huge Ffonts database and offering you exactly what you need!

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