Create a cool 3D text using Photoshop and Illustrator

This week I created a post with the best 50 fantastic 3D text designs I found on the internet.Today I decided to make a tutorial to show you how you can design a 3D text.

You can use this technique to make dynamic logos that look great on promotional items, business cards, and just about anywhere you put them.

Unfortunately,Photoshop is not enough to create a 3D symbol,but Adobe has another application in which you`re able to do this very easily.It is Adobe Illustrator.

So,to create the 3D text,you must have Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.First,we`re going to create the 3D effect in Illustrator and then in Photoshop will stylize it a little bit.

What are we making


Creating the 3D text in Adobe Illustrator

Open Adobe Illustrator and create a new document of 750×750 px.


Select the Text tool and type in your first letter with a bold font.I am using Hobo Std Medium 72px.Fill it with white color.


Select the letter and go to Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel.

You may hit Preview to see how the letter shape is changing.


Repeat those steps for the next letters and adjust the rotation to make different symbols.


Now let`s export the letters for Photoshop.Go to File->Export and be sure to choose from the list .psd extension to be compatible with Photoshop.Then go to Photoshop and load the .psd 3D text.



Stylizing the 3D text in Photoshop

Create a new layer in Photoshop to make a background for the text and add a radial gradient overlay.



Add the text over the background.Select the Magic Wand tool,set tolerance to 2 and select the front side of the first letter.


Make a new layer above the letter layer,select the layer and fill the selection with a blue gradient using the Gradient tool(G).


Now the letter looks better.


Continue with the rest of the letters giving them different color gradients,like in the image below.


Now we`re going to create an effect for the each depth of each letter.Double click the first letter layer,and add the next blending options:




You may see how the depth of the letter is changing in a transparent blue,like in the image:


Continue the procedure for each letter,by changing the gradient color to a similar one like the letter.


Let`s decorate them a little bit.For this step,download some decorative flower brush sets and start paint inside each letter.To paint inside them,first you must hide the letter`s face and then select them with the Magic Wand tool,with a tolerance of 2pt.Watch the images below to understand better the procedure:



Download from here the decorative flower brush sets:

Decorations by Ro-Stock

Ornament Brushes by Magical Viper

Paint each letter as you want.You may give them a color or a gradient.You decide.



Now download this Fog brush set,make a layer under the letters and paint some white fog,like in the image below:


Ok,now lets add some more interesting background elements.

Download this Line brush set and add some lines over the letters.I painted them over a layer situated between R and T.Change the layer mode to Soft light,decrease the opacity to 60-65% and add an Outer Glow.




To finish,put 2 or 3 shining stars over the letters.For this,download this lovely Stars brush set,paint some stars and give them an Outer glow to shine.

Final Image

This is how my final image looks,after following all the steps above.


We`ve reached the end of the tutorial.I thank you for reading and I hope you learned something today.If you have a problem,leave a message and I`ll help you as much as I can.

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