Create a fumed text effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial I`ll show you how to design a fumed text in Photoshop,using some brushes and some blending techniques.

Along the way I`ll share with you some tricks that I know which will help us creating an original text effect.

Materials needed:

Wood image for background

Daniel font

Water brush set

Smoke brush set

What are we making:


First step:Setting up the workspace

First step is setting up the workspace.So,open Photoshop and create a new document with the dimensions of 800x500px.


Step 2:Adding the background.

Now download the wood background image and add it to the main project.Because the image is 1920x1200px and our workspace has only 800x500px,try to center the wood image into the workspace.In other words,try to put the center of the wood image into the center of the workspace.


Step 3:Writing some text

Download the Daniel font and add some text to the workspace.I wrote “Our Tuts” 😛 .


Step 4:Adding some blending options:

To stylize a little bit the text,add some blending options to it.Go to Layer->Layer Style->Blending options and add a Gradient Background and a stroke.



The image looks like this:


Step 5:Add a shadow to the text:

Now I`m gonna add an outside shadow to the text.Select the text layer and Ctrl+click the thumbnail layer.The thumbnail layer is this one:


After you do this,hide the text layer.It will remain only the selected area.Create a new layer and put it under the text layer,then go to Select->Modify->Expand and set 5 into the box.This will expand the selected area with 5 px.Fill this area with a black color.


Now go to Filter->Blur->Gaussian Blur and add a radius of 8px.Reveal the text layer and you shall have something like this:


Step 6:Add a lighter area around the text

Next I`ll show you how to add an area of light around the text,to make it more obvious.

Select the Elipse tool and draw a white area around the text.Be sure that the new layer is under the text.


Then go to Filter->Blur->Gaussian blur and blur it with 30px.Then low the opacity of the layer to 15% and you should obtain something like this:


Step 7:Add a water element

I want now to add a water element.I found a nice brush set,named SS-water and added a wave.To repeat the step,download the SS-water brush set and use the brush from in the image.Choose for it a grey color and paint it under the text layer.


The image should look like this:


Final Step:Add the smoke.

The final step is to add some smoke to the text.For this,download the smoke brush set from the top list and add some black smoke to the text under and above it.You may set the opacity a little bit lower for the smoke to make it more transparent.


If you have doubts regarding the arrangement of the layers,this is how my layers are arranged.


Final Image

This is the result of this tutorial:


I hope you enjoy it and I`m waiting you next time for another article.

Bye bye

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