Create a hot Iphone sky scene

In this tutorial I`ll show you how to create a hot Iphone scene in Photoshop,using some stock images and brush sets.

Along the way,I`ll use different techniques like selections,masking and painting and a few little tricks to make this project more interesting and spectacular.

What are we making


For this tutorial we`ll need a couple of things,images and brush sets.You may download them from the list below,or if you have another ones greater than those,use them.

Materials needed:

Iphone image

Grass image

Floral deco brush set by ro-stock

Orange flower by Go-4-it

Pink flower #1 by sourcow

Pink flower #2 by adaae

Gerbera flower

Grass brush set


Air balloon

Clouds brush set by Javier

First step:Setting up the workspace

Open Photoshop and create a new page of 1024x680px.


Step 2:Add a gradient background

Add a gradient background to the first layer with the next settings:



The image has a nice blue background now.


Step 3:Add the Iphone

Now, download the Iphone picture and with the Pen Tool create the selection of the phone.


Add the Iphone to the project.If the image is too big,resize it by pressing Ctrl+T or Edit-Transform->Scale.To resize it more accurate,hold Shift Key while you make it smaller.


Step 4:Add the grass

Download the Grass image and open it into Photoshop.


Resize the image and make sure that the grass layer is under the Iphone layer.This way,the Iphone will stay on the grass.


Step 5:Masking the grass

As you can see,the grass image has hard corners.We`re gonna try to make them softer and rounded.So,select the grass layer and press the layer mask button situated at the base of the layers area.Now press the layer mask thumbnail to select it.


Choose an Airbrush Soft Round and start masking the corners.


Don`t forget to set the foreground color to black,so you can add the mask with 100% damage.If you`ll choose another color instead,there will be traces of grass all over the mask,and we don`t want this.


Finish the mask and try to get rid of those ugly corners as much as you can.Don`t be afraid because we`ll add in the future some extra grass using a brush set.


Step 6:Paint some flowers

Download the Floral Deco brushes and select the brush nr. 22 from the list.


After you place one flower on a side,duplicate the layer,flip it horizontal(Edit->Transform->Flip Horizontal) and put it on the other side.


Select the Erase tool(E) and delete the long leaves of the flowers.This is an optional step.You may delete them or not,but I decided to erase them.



Now select the brush nr. 24 and add some pink flowers like above.Be sure that the flower layers are under the iphone.


Step 7: Add some flowers

Download the flowers (orange flower,pink flower1,pink flower2,gerbera flower) and with the Pen tool(P),select them and add them to the main project.Now,be sure to add the flowers layers above the Iphone.



Step 8 :Painting some grass

Next,download the Grass brushes and paint over the grass picture.Change the color between different types of green to obtain a better result.Put the grass layer under the Iphone but above the grass.



Step 9

We`re going to add some scatered lines all around the Iphone.First,set up the brush tool,with the next settings:




Select the pen tool and create a path around the Iphone.Then right click and choose Stroke Path.Choose Brush and hit Simulate pressure.


It will appear a scattered line around the Iphone.Duplicate the layer 3 or 4 times to make the line more visible.For each duplicated layer,change the color to pink or white,or red, and move them a little bit to give the impression of movement.


Step 10: Add 2 more elements

Next we`ll add a butterfly and an air balloon.So,download those two images from the top-list,select them with the Pen Tool(P) and add them into the project,resizing them adequate.



Step 11: Clouds

Next step is to add some clouds on the background to make it look nicer.So,download the Cloud brushes and paint with a white color some clouds.



We`ve finished here.Here`s a preview of the final image:


I hope you like the tutorial and learn something from it.See you very soon for another tutorial.

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