5 Ways to Instantly Create Your Own Beautiful Websites

Thanks to new technologies and online services, putting up your own website no longer has to take a long time. There’s no need to learn HTML or coding. It’s possible to have your own site up and running complete with all the features expected in a modern website. And it’s not just some basic or simple website you can instantly create. There are different ways that will let you instantly create your own beautiful website.

The options listed below focus on the quick creation of aesthetically appealing websites that are also fully functional. These are not ordinary website-building tools or services that let you generate basic sites with static pages. They are arguably the best website making options you can try if you particularly want to produce an appealing and fully functional website in a short period of time.

1. Weebly

Weebly is one of the pioneers of instant website creation with a good degree of customization. There have been other instant website builders in the past but they don’t compare to the features and customizability afforded by Weebly. This website builder provides a powerful drag-and-drop interface as well as a guided setup to make it even easier to come up with great-looking websites.

Weebly is a cloud website builder, which means you can conveniently create a website without having to install anything. It runs on your browser using only basic browser features. There’s no need to add new browser plugins or add-ons. You just have to sign up for an account then proceed to learning the interface and building your new website with it.


2. Wix

Another excellent website builder that lets you instantly put out a good-looking website is Wix. Touted for its advanced technology and rich features, Wix makes it easy to produce beautiful websites with a modern look and feel.

Wix offers a host of stunning templates designed for various themes or purposes. There’s a collection for those who want to put up a photography website, a business website, portfolio, and health and wellness site, and even an online store. It has appropriate templates and designs for almost anything. You can even conveniently create an online store with it as it already comes with integrated eCommerce solutions. If you are an online content creator and you want people to directly your work, Wix comes with a Patreon app to make it easier for your audience to send donations or financial support for your site.

In recent months, Wix rolled out a list of new features that make it even better. These include the Wix SEO Wiz (a search engine optimization guide with an FAQ widget), over 40 new image filters, Scroll Effects for Mobile, Wix Shoutout (a marketing tool), and Wix Code (which provides advanced capabilities including the ability to set up databases, create dynamic pages, and build custom forms).


3. Squarespace

Another quick way to make beautiful websites is by using Squarespace. It is known as a service-based content management system that is also a blogging platform, web hosting service provider(if you’re looking for a traditional one, we just got them reviewed. Check out our Siteground vs Inmotion Hosting comparison), and an integrated website builder. It offers advanced features that truly create added value to the website you craft.

Just like the two other website builders listed above, Squarespace features a drag-and-drop interface. It comes with Adobe Image Editor so all of the images you add to your site can be easily edited online using practical functions such as cropping, resizing, brightness and contrast adjustment, as well as rotation control.

Additionally, Squarespace creates websites with responsive images and progressive image loading (for faster page loading time). It also provides Lightbox functionality for image presentation and lets you set image focal points to ensure perfect cropping.


4. Website Builders from Web Hosts

Many web hosts already provide their own instant website builders. As the name suggests, LCN’s InstantSite lets you create a website in an instant. It may not be the best website builder around (as compared to those mentioned above) but it’s a good enough representation for what a good website builder from an established web host is. LCN’s website builder features a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to create your own website. No coding knowledge is needed to use it. It also comes with a good collection of attractive templates to make it even faster to generate a professional-looking site without spending so much effort on it. Even better, the websites generated with LCN InstantSite is already search-engine optimized and mobile-friendly.


5. Blogger + Free Templates

blogger website builder

With the HTML code access/editing that Blogger allows, Blogger can be considered an option for building a beautiful website. The process is not going to be as fast and convenient as how it works with the rest of the options mentioned here, though. For this option, you will have to look for free great-looking Blogger templates you like. Once you find a template you like, you have to download it and upload it into your Blogger template.

You may have to do some editing with the HTML code for this. You may have to rename page elements as well as the items written on the footer. You may have to modify the favicon. Again, the process will not be that quick and easy but it’s worth considering if you want to have some fun editing HTML codes and customizing everything with virtually no restrictions. Just remember that you may no longer be able to edit the template through the standard Blogger template editing interface. If you use a template not included in Blogger’s native collection, all site design edits may have to be done directly on the HTML code.


Wrapping Up

Beautiful websites: this is the emphasis of the list featured in this post. It’s easy to put up a new website using free tools or online services but not many can let you create something beautiful or more-than-decent as far as appearance is concerned. The website creation options featured here let you quickly create websites that look good without sacrificing function and stability.

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