Creative Examples of Typographic Business Cards

A good business card is that business card which can present the image of the business in such a manner that the person who receives it remains impressed by its quality in design and material. Business cards shouldn`t just offer information, they should present and transmit the principles and ideology on which the main business is built on. In other words, you can define a business card as the transfiguration of your entire business philosophy on a piece of material.

Notice that I used the word “material” and not “paper” to define the physical element of a business card, because the technology development reached a point which makes possible text printing on a quite large number of materials(cotton paper, textiles, chewing gum, even concrete – I`ll showcase some of them in a future post). The importance of this stationery element related to design makes business cards printing a key factor in establishing new business relations and adding value to a brand.

Today I want to cover the typographical element of a business card and present you some great examples which reflects exactly what you can do with typefaces.

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