Depositphotos Doubled its Stock Content Library Size in 2012

Depositphotos is considered to be the fastest-growing microstock agency in the world and not because of the huge amount of files it is hosting(more than 11 million files) but mainly because they managed to double their library size in less than one year. has been an important player among microstock websites, the mix between their subscription plans and high-quality items being the main reason why people decided to stick with them over the years.

The agency`s moderators are daily reviewing and approving more than 20 000 stock items. They does not only deal with stock photos but also the library is continually updated with vector images and videos. In fact, at the middle of 2012, Depositphotos announced the launch of a high-quality video upload platform, inviting all contributors to upload videos for sale.

The demand of our clients is growing, and our primary goal is to provide them with the biggest possible variety of photographs, vector images and videos.

– Igor Kaliuzhnyi, Chief Operating Officer

Depositphotos care about the customers, but also pay attention to contributor`s needs. For this reason, they`re regularly improving the user experience of the platform every time it`s needed. The latest feature is a brand new File Uploader with drag and drop functionality, because there`s no better way to handle uploads than a drag and drop interface.

Even if are quite a new member of royalty-stock industry, the short and long-term strategies they have seems to pay off for both contributors and customers. It is one of the most affordable marketplace dealing with stock items and the quality of the products can be compared to any stock agency.

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