Design a cool and original jeans style Business Card in Photoshop

This tutorial will guide you through the process of designing a professional jeans style business card. The tutorial features some great techniques, effects and layer styles in which you can use over and over for future projects.

The business card has the standard USA and Canada cut of 3.5×2 inches , approximately 10×5 cm.So if you`ll follow the tutorial,at the end you`ll be able to print the business card for your use,or why not,to start offering business card printing services.

Let’s get started!

Materials needed:

Jeans texture

Jeans button

Thread texture

Thread brush by DeliciousThemes

Myriad Pro font

What are we designing:


First step:The inevitable New Document

Ok!Open Photoshop and create a new document of 700x500px.


Step 2:The background:

Change the color of the background with a black one.I used #0f0e0e.It`s better to work with a black background because the business card`s details will be more visible.

Step 3:Creating the main shape

With the Rectangle Tool , create a shape of 520x295px.

Maybe now you`re asking why I use this dimensions.The answer is very simple.A business card has some standard dimensions.For example an US or Canada business card has dimensions of 3.5×2 inches.Translated in pixels and expanded a little bit to work more easily, we got 520x295px.


Step 4:Adding the jeans texture

Download the texture from the top list of materials needed and add it to the main project.Resize it to fit into the canvas.Be sure to have the texture layer above the shape.Right click on the layer and select “Create clipping mask”.


Now add a gradient with the next settings:


The image looks like this:


Step 5:Burning the jeans

Select the Burn Tool and with a soft brush , start burning the texture.All the settings are showed in the next picture.


If you want to Improve the texture,you may sharpen it a little bit.Go to Filter->Sharpen->Smart Sharpen and add the next settings.The result is obvious.


Reduce a little bit the Brightness of the texture.For this,go to Image->Adjustments->Brightness/Contrast.


Step 6:Adding threads

Now download the Thread Texture from the top list and add it to the image.


Duplicate the thread texture layer , rotate the duplicated layer and put it in the left-top corner of the business card.


Step 7:Business card shadow:

Now let`s create a shadow for the business card.Select the jeans texture layer.Now Ctrl+Click the layer.The layer should be selected.

Now go to Select->Modify->Expand and give it 10px.


Create a new layer and put it under the main shape layer.Now fill the selected area with a black color.After,give it a Gaussian Blur of 8px.


After,add an Outer Glow for the shadow with the next settings:


The image till now should look like this one:


Step 8:Adding a jeans button:

Download the jeans button from the top list and add it to the main image.Resize and put it in the top-left area of the card.

Add some blending options:a drop shadow and an inside stroke.



Make the button a little bit sharpen ( Filter->Sharpen->Smart Sharpen ) to look better.

Reduce the brightness of the button and you should have one jeans button like mine:


Step 9:Adding a label imprint

Now I`ll show you how to add a label imprint.Select the Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle in the right-top of the business card.

Fill it with a black color and give it a Gaussian Blur of 8-10px.

Reduce the opacity of the layer to 60% and your imprint is ready:


Step 10:Adding thread to the label imprint

Let`s add some thread to the label imprint.Download the Thread Brush from the top list and load it into Photoshop.

Select the Brush Tool and choose the thread brush that you downloaded.If you don`t know how,click on the Play button from the Brush Preset Picker then choose Load Brushes.Now load the Thread Brush.


Open the Brushes panel to set some options.If you don`t know how to open it,just click F5 and it will open itself.



Select the Pen Tool and draw a rectangle inside the label imprint.Then Right click on the lines and choose Stroke Path.Choose Brush and hit OK.

Now you should have a threaded rectangle inside the label imprint.Change the color of the thread to a dark orange.


Step 11:Adding details into the label imprint:

Download the Myriad Pro font from the top and add some details into the label imprint like website,e-mail and phone number.Near them,add some suggestive icons , using the Custom Shape Tool.


Add an address at the bottom of the business card,under the main jeans thread.


Step 12:Adding the Name

Select the Type tool and write your name inside the business card.Then add some blending options like drop shadow,gradient overlay and stroke.




We`ve just finished!

Ok! With these last details we`ve finished the tutorial.Your business card is ready for print and certainly will look great in your wallet.

Have a look at what we`ve just created:


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Thank you for your time and have a great day!

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