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The Web is swarming with elementary website builders that promise to help anyone set up an online presence in a matter of minutes. However, 74% of sites are not being fashioned with these platforms, because they don’t have what it takes to satisfy clients with high standards. Therefore, the task of creating and publishing unique installments is appointed to web designers and web developers, who usually team up and invest a lot of energy in coding.


And yet, a graphic designer who could tackle this kind of projects individually would rejoice in the creative freedom it entails. Webydo is the professional platform that fulfills professionals’ aspirations: you can now build breathtaking websites using advanced features that are very familiar to Photoshop users. The service will generate responsive code that makes your exquisite designs adapt perfectly to any device.

Over 30K designers have so far chosen the path of full expression in projects for their high-end clients. Webydo provides the opportunity to create either freely, or with a Premium plan – in any case, all features are made available. The second option involves unlimited bandwidth + pages, 2GB storage, and publishing the finalized website on a stand-alone domain (as opposed to Webydo sub-domain). It comes with a great price, too: $7.9/month when billed annually or $9.9/month (biannually).

All present readers can now sign up for a Premium subscription and use code VIP!DeliciousThemes65%off to get 65% off for the first year!

How It Works


It can’t get any easier than this. Design a website however you like – Webydo has three intuitive starting points that are sure to accommodate any whim: overpowering inspiration or lack thereof, plenty of time on your hands or a fast & proficient solution.

A. Blank Canvas

– The blank canvas is for professionals who don’t need any further inspiration, but are decided on making the best use of their existing kick-ass ideas. Feel free to use any of the free web fonts that have been aggregated to make your work that much easier.


B. Layouts

– On an alternate note, Webydo has tons of splendid templates in the vaults. You can just scroll through them, and then pick out the one you like best and give it a proper shape: drag-and-drop menus, images, shapes, videos, and widgets – to craft a handsome-looking website ever so simply.


C. Designs

– This is the final and most inspiring option. Users who find themselves in a momentary lapse of creativity are more than welcome to browse designs that have been a major success for other members, and then start working with a fresh perspective: add complex forms and text captions to images, and set elements’ opacity.


Besides, Webydo’s CMS and B2B features are wicked awesome. First of all, website owners can use the Content Management System to change some areas at any time – without it carrying a negative impact on the overall design. Additionally, designers may bill their clients straight from the dashboard, as well as build their brands – by replacing Webydo’s logo with the client’s (on their own dashboards, and on the client’s login screen, CMS, and bill).

Webydo has been engineered by designers, for designers, so the service aims to be as sensitive as possible to your needs. Share your thoughts on the proposed “upgrades”, and if you have any suggestion in mind, please submit it for voting on the Participate page, so that your fellow users can support it and so make it real.


On a final note, please be reminded that the following code – VIP!DeliciousThemes65%off – is going to give you a staggering 65% discount off the first year of your Webydo Premium plan, so it would be a shame to miss the opportunity. Start creating your website today and experience the freedom of design with Webydo!

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