20 Famous and Free Fonts to Download

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Building a brand is always the toughest thing to do and it requires a lot of research, work and time. The most common element which defines a brand is the logo, which usually contains a symbol and text. Therefore, the process of designing a proper logo to fit the business principles and vision is mandatory.

Next, I`m presenting you a series of typefaces used by brands which made history. Among all, they`re free fonts to download and many of them free for non-commercial use, taking into account that these brands are globally recognized. In any case, make sure you add them to your desig toolkit. You never know when they`ll come in handy!

I have to mention that these fonts are not the original ones, used by companies for their logo design. Because some brands became very popular, font designers made the job from end to beginning, designing the fonts based on the logo. That`s why, many of the typefaces are named after the brand. This isn`t a reason for not using them. They can be very useful for digitally reproducing a print or having some fun with typography.

Walt Disney

Loki Cola



yahoo famous font

Ferro Rosso

Godfather Famous Fonts

Star Jedi

The Simpsons


carlsber font

PEPSI Free Fonts to Download


Parry Hotter

 free fonts to download


oreo font


Hollywood Hills

Iron Maiden

iron maiden free fonts to download




canon free fonts to download

Judas Priest


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