Flat Design: Great Examples of Websites Following the Trend

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Although the “flat design” concept is not new, being successfully used many years ago within design projects, it looks like this year it made a comeback. And what a comeback! Facebook and Google already followed the trend and improved their product designs with flat elements. Microsoft increased the trend popularity by its Windows 8 releases and many other websites are successfully implementing elements which define a flat design.

There are a couple of principles which can make a design to be called flat: simple UI elements without any shadows or gradients, color and typography focus, accent on content hierarchy. But I don`t see reasons to explain them. Better, take a look at these awesome examples of websites which are successfully showcasing the flat web design principles.


atchapps flat design

Soft Facade

soft facade flat design


Northbound Design









Minimal Monkey

Osborn Barr

Erik Ford

Your Karma

Data Driven London


2012 Year on Twitter

Supereight Studio


Built by Buffalo

Welcome Agency


Nudge Flat Design

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