20 Brilliant Examples of Forced Perspective Photography

Photo editing is a trend these days. Your photos are cool if you know how to use any design software. Thing is, not everyone can work with these tools. But no worries, if you’re not comfortable editing pictures, this post is for you. Do you know that there’s a camera trick that can create amazing photos without the need to edit anything? All you have to do is to change your perspective.

Forced perspective is a technique that works with optical illusion. It manipulates the real size and distance of objects.Have you seen 1960’s films where there are terrifying dragons or mystical elves? Truth be told, there’s neither real dragons nor elves, they are just miniature toys captured farther or nearer the camera.Since we identify an object’s size based from its surroundings, this method worked.

Nowadays, anyone can do this camera trick.You just have to be creative and imaginative capturing the shots. To give you an idea, here are 20 examples of forced perspective photography to inspire you. Enjoy!


emotion perspective photography

perspective photography

A Hard Winter

winter perspective photography

pool . XII

perspective photography

the kontraptionist


Burning Room

Point of View – Perspective Photography

Montreal minimal

Dead Space


Let It Fly

Before we Begin

Dreams edge


Writer Press Photography

Morning Mood

Forced Perspective


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