40 Free Digital Art HD Wallpapers

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What would our world be without art? Have you ever asked yourselves that question? Well, even if you did, we are sure you couldn’t find an imaginable answer simply because the world is embellished by art on its whole surface and in its every corner.

Art in all of its forms fuels the symbolical view of the world and feeds the subconscious of each human being, thus making this planet a better place to live in. The world functioning without music, paintings, poetry, photographs, cinema, theatre and so on is almost an impossible prospect to our imagination. Throughout the decades, innumerable forms of art have been devised by the human being for the satisfaction of all the senses, each time evolving from the classical to a more modern representation.

Our attention will be drawn here on only one branch of the art, and that is visual art, maybe the most powerful in emotion for many of us. Maybe the term “visual” is a little bit too generous, as visual art is combined with other types of art, resulting together in a synesthesia, such are theater, circus or dance performances, and such is cinema.

So let’s better think about the static forms of visual art such as painting, drawing or photography and how important they are for our minds. Their importance is given by the fact that visual representations of any place in the world or of any object can be seen by everybody anywhere, thus making the world known in a easier way than travelling. Of course that the simple purpose of representation in visual art is often distorted, that’s why it is called art, in such a way that the author of the visual piece brings his or her personal touch to the painting/photograph/drawing, distorting reality and creating a better one, a symbolic one, a more beautiful one.

Having all these in mind, let us think of modernity and how all these visual forms of art have evolved through time. Of course that painting, photography and drawing will remain in its classical form as acclaimed and appreciated as they have always been, only that new techniques have been developed to make the processes and the visual impacts more spectacular. However, evolving from all these visual techniques put together, our era of digital evolution has also developed a new type of art, which is digital art, art made on the computer. This way, images are created through software, involving aspects from all other three forms of art, painting, photography and drawing, giving birth to fascinating new visual experiences in the shape of high quality manipulated images which overcome the boundaries of our imagination.

For those of you who love digital art, who love manipulated images of imaginary worlds, who love views of evolved humanoid creatures or futuristic appearances of humans and animals, for those who love symbols and the playful possibilities of mixing them into images, we offer you 40 free digital art HD wallpapers to decorate your desktops or laptops with. We promise they will put the mechanism of your imagination in movement, so check them out and choose your favorites for the pleasure of your eyes!

world hd wallpapers

cats hd wallpapers

earth hd wallpapers

kobe briant hd wallpapers

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