Free Icon Fonts for a New Kind of Web Design

What are icon fonts? Like their name says, an icon font is a custom font which stores icons instead of letters. It seems to be a new trend in web design, and I can affirm that is somehow influenced by the responsive madness(building responsive websites raise a problem when normal icons are scaled on retina-display but this issue can be solved using icon fonts. But why to use icon fonts and not icons?

Well, I gave you already a reason above. Because the icons are stored inside a font, they can act exactly like text. You can scale them without making them look fuzzy, you can style them like you normally style text, using CSS(finally, adding shadows to an icon is not a problem anymore) and being inside a font, they`re cross-browser compatible, working even in IE6.

The implementation is simple and makes use of @font-face css property. John Hicks has a great tutorial about how to implement icon fonts.

People already started to implement icons into fonts and is just a matter of time until all your favorite and popular icon sets will be available as font. Until then, here are a few of icon fonts, available for use immediately!

Foundation Icons


Font Awesome




Modern Pictograms

Web Symbols



There are more icon fonts out there, but those are the ones I considered to be the best…and they`re all free to use…I`m encouraging you to make use of these fonts as much as you can and share with me your icon font implement experience, if you had one!

Oh, if you know other fonts like those, don`t forget to share them with me so I can extend the list with them! Regards!

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