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Because of so much online information we need to filter each day, our attention span reduced so drastically over the last few years to just 6-8 seconds, becoming even shorter than a goldfish’s, which is, by the way, 9 seconds. What does this mean? It means that you, as a business owner running a website, have less than 7 seconds to catch someone’s attention.

Now, turning visitors into customers is another story. Long gone are the days when a simple “Subscribe to our newsletter” widget was enough to sustain a business growth. You have to play smart and come up not with just one, but with a full suite of “hooks”, to “invite” your visitors into your funnels. Luckily for you, I might’ve found the tool which does that, and more!

Meet GetSiteControl, your all-in-one app for turning ready-to-leave website visitors into action-takers!


GetSiteControl is a set of widgets bundled as a single online toolkit. GetSiteControl can be installed on almost any Content Management System (think WordPress, Joomla, Blogger etc) since it’s a cloud-based app(that’s right) with a sleek dashboard.

GetSiteControl is a cool collection of already known widgets and apps and really is nothing new in functionality(or is it? We shall find out in a moment…).

While GetSiteControl may not be something new, it’s really very innovative and a step ahead of other users engagement tools. GetSiteControl is a presentation of what is already known in a new and better solution that’s far more flexible and easier to manage than others – plus it helps with your website load time as well.

For instance, before the advent of GetSiteControl, every website owner will need to get and install each widget separately. This usually leads to increase in costs for maintaining the website and also often leads to a reduction in site loading speed.

The different widgets installed on a site will create individual tables in the website databases. This additional load leads to a decrease in site speed.

GetSiteControl, however, is different. It bundles(at the time of writing this article) 7 different widgets in a package, all of which are hosted outside your website – in the cloud. This way there’s no additional stress on the overall website loading speed. Plus, you won’t need to switch interfaces too often, just to manage all your data. With GetSiteControl, you have all data from the seven widgets on a single powerful dashboard with easy to read graphs.

If you are looking for a better way to improve user engagement, the way you generate leads and have more control over your website widgets, GetSiteControl might be your best option.


Widgets Overview

There are 7 different widgets in the GetSiteControl package: Subscribe, Contact Form, Promo, Survey, Chat, Follow, and Share.

Subscribe Widget

The subscription widget is the most important widget in the GetSiteControl package. Simply put, it offers you an easy way to collect emails from your visitors.

GetSiteControl offers you 9 different locations on which you can place your subscribe widget on the website (sidebar, below post, pop-up etc).

The subscribe widget can also be used to collect emails from readers when they are about to exit a page(using the exit intent technology). It popups automatically once the reader heads to the back button.

GetSiteControl subscribe widget is really impressive as it is compatible with a wide range of email campaign tools like ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Constant Contact and so on. And even if GetSiteControl subscriber widget is not compatible with your email campaign manager (which I doubt), you have the option of exporting your email list. So you can simply download and upload it to your email campaign manager, or use Zapier to do to that automagically.


Contact Form Widget

The GetSiteControl contact form widget makes it easier for your users to reach out to you.

The contact form widget can be added to any part of your website or web page and comes with the features you’ll ever want in a contact form: radio buttons, textareas, checkboxes, email fields, etc.

What’s great is that such a contact form widget will inspire professionalism, thus, will have a bigger CTR than a normal contact form placed on a contact page.


Promo Widget

The promo widget can come handy when you need to announce new products, product updates, sales discounts or even cookie disclaimers(btw, are you GDPR ready?)

GetSiteControl promo widget is very flexible and allows full control over its display and content, as such you can control the text in the box, color and even time of display.


Survey Widget

The GetSiteControl survey widget helps you get visitors opinions about anything.

Maybe you’ve just created a new blog or products, you can easily use the survey widget to get users opinions about them. Or you can even use it to gain ideas about products to create to satisfy your visitors’ needs.

While the free version lets you create a simple linear survey, the premium version gives you more flexibility.


Chat Widget

The Chat feature lets you integrate a live chat widget on your website.

The addition of chat widget is really impressive as it is quite uncommon amongst other lead gen solutions. The chat widget is even compatible with Slack and as such can be used for live interaction with potential customers, give live support to existing customers and gather feedback from visitors.

If you want to check it out, I’ve added it to my website as well and I have to say, I’m quite impressed with how easy was to set up things.


Follow Widget

The Follow widget is great for building real followership. The follow widget offers an easy way for users to follow and engage with your website on Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Simply add a link to your social media handle and users can easily find your business with a click. What’s even more impressive is the customization options available for the follow widget. You can display them at different locations on your blog, control their contents, time and behavior of display.


Share Widget

The share widget provides an easy way for visitors to share content with friends and family across major social media platforms: Whatsapp, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

With a feature like the share widget, GetSiteControl can increase your website traffic as shared posts can easily be re-shared with thousands of others with just a click.

Not to mention that it also enhances your website user engagements, improves SEO and so on…



Widgets Features

Aside from being the very first app to combine the functionality of 7 powerful widgets in a package, GetSiteControl offers you the control over how the widgets are displayed and used to maximize the output.

Let’s check out some of those powerful features that set GetSiteControl apart.


Strategic Widget Location

It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with the subscribe or contact form widget, GetSiteControl provides multiple different locations for you to place your widget on any given web page.

With the different locations open to you, you can test them all and find the ones which perform best.


Widget Content Control

In other words, complete control over all the contents in any of the 7 widgets in the GetSiteControl toolkit.

The messages in the subscription box, contact form etc can be customized and made to reflect your business.

Optionally, you can use the contact forms to display your cookies, terms, and conditions as it can be made to appear on every page and in a number of key places on a website.


Widget Appearance Control

GetSiteControl also lets you control the appearance of the widgets(colors, backgrounds, shades, margins, and paddings, etc). You don’t have to worry about color mix matching as the design on a single widget can be applied across all other widgets with just a click.


Exit Intent Technology

With the GetSiteControl Exit pop-up, no one leaves your website without listening to you. The exit pop-up widget comes up whenever a visitor triggers it by heading over the back button.

The content of the exit pop-up widget can easily be customized and used as a last call to action when a user is about to exit a page.


A/B Testing

With the A/B testing tool in place, you don’t have to worry about thinking what would be the best place to showcase the widgets for maximum results.

The A/B testing tool lets you gather real-time data about the user interaction with each widget by continuously changing their behavior.

In the end, the A/B testing tool provides you with real-time data from the results and you can then determine the best position to place each widget on your site for maximum results.


Custom Thank You Page

GetSiteControl provides you with the ability to say Thank You! to your visitors each time they share your content on social media or subscribe to your email newsletter, with beautiful custom thank you pages. Why are these pages important? Because you need those pages to retarget prospects, isn’t it?


Compatible With Google Analytics

The widgets work seamlessly with Google Analytics to display data as events. Aside from Google analytics, GetSiteControl also provides you with real-time statistics to determine pages that are faring well and how to improve those not performing well.

Each widget provides you with stats in easy to read graphs, click maps and downloadable reports.


Responsive Across All Devices

Whether users view your site on mobile devices or desktop, you don’t have to worry about marring their experience, the GetSiteControl widgets are responsive across all devices and can even be made to scroll with the screen of smartphones.


Impressive Audience Targeting Ability

GetSiteControl targeting feature is quite impressive. The target feature allows you make certain widgets visible to a group of people using any of the following criteria: Characteristics – e.g. new vs. returning, Browsers, Operating systems, Devices, Referrers, UTM tags, IP addresses, and Locations. You can even choose the percentage of visitors that will be able to see a particular widget. Advanced stuff…


GetSiteControl Pricing Plans

If you are a beginner blogger or a new startup owner, the GetSiteControl free plan provides everything you’ll ever need to build an audience.

With the free plan, you get all the widgets, ability to control widgets appearance and contents, scheduling, real-time stats and many more. However, you can only use it on websites with not more than 50,000 visitors and only one site can be used per account.

The paid plan: Plus and Pro offers more functionality and are suitable for those with more than 50,000 visitors per month or who want to get the most out of each visitor.

The Plus plan costs $19/month and includes all the features of the free plan plus other premium features like Management of multiple sites, Branding removal, Integrations, Custom images, Targeting, Start triggers, Exit popups, A/B testing, Survey logic and branching and Autoresponders.

The Pro plan costs $29/month. In addition to the features of the Plus plan, the Pro plan features other functionalities like Unlimited views, Management of multiple users, and user access rights.

For most websites, GetSiteControl free plan provides all they will ever need, however, if you want more control over your widgets and gain more results, you can upgrade to a paid plan.


Platforms & Integrations

Let’s make it clear, GetSiteControl is not just a WordPress plugin(you can get the WordPress plugin version from the wp repository if you want, although the cloud dashboard is all worth it). GetSiteControl is a cloud-based SaaS solution powered by a unified dashboard. This means it works with WordPress, Shopify, Tumblr, Drupal, Joomla, you name it…

The tool integrates nicely with 3rd party apps like MailChimp, Slack, Google Analytics, Hubspot, and so on.

That sounds nice, but one of the things that I love about it and something which every app should come up with is the Zapier integration. What does it mean? Well, it means that you can connect the app to other 750+ apps out there. Here are a few ideas which should trigger the lightbulb in your head:

  • Copy new GetSiteControl subscribers into your CRM as contacts
  • Add GetSiteControl subscribers as fresh new contacts into your favorite email provider(my fav is ActiveCampaign, btw)

How cool is that?


Pros and Cons

Everything comes with pros and cons, isn’t it? Take them with a pinch of salt since they’re just my personal opinions and beliefs.


  • Cheap pricing plans when compared with other Plugin plans
  • A simple dashboard for controlling all seven widgets
  • Unlimited locations to place widgets
  • Widgets are beautiful and responsive
  • Doesn’t affect the site loading speed
  • Widgets are highly customizable



If you can call it a drawback, widgets cannot be added to traditional places like the sidebar or like you do with shortcodes.



GetSiteControl is a powerful online toolkit to improve user engagement and generate new leads. It provides all the necessary widgets in a bundle and simplifies the way you manage each one of them, from a powerful dashboard.

While GetSiteControl really gives you control over the website, it’s up to you to really put the tool to work, launch widgets, a/b tests and really get the most out of it. 

GetSiteControl is one of the best apps out there and if you are a blogger on a limited budget or a new business owner which runs a website, looking for a powerful tool to help improve user engagement, you should go for GetSiteControl as even the free plan provides more than you’ll want. Just my two cents…

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