Great Free Apps for Bloggers with Mobile Devices (Android and iOS)

Some of the best apps offered for Android and iOS mobile devices are available free of charge. With the growing reach of wireless broadband 3G and 4G networks, an increasing number of bloggers are looking for suitable apps to use while on the go.

Here are some great free mobile apps that will appeal to bloggers available at the Apple Store or the Android Market.


(4 Stars, Free on iTunes) – (4.5 Stars, Free on Android)

With this app for iOS and Android, you can easily manage your files so that they automatically load on all your compatible computers and mobile devices. Once you install Dropbox on your computer, any document, photo, video or other file that you save is copied to all your other computers, to iPhone and iPad, to Android or tablet, and additionally to your Dropbox account. With this app, you can ensure that all your important files are available even when you are on the go. The app is easy to learn and use, and you can even save email attachments to your Dropbox.


(4 Stars, Free on iTunes) – (4.5 Stars, Free on Android)

WordPress is one the most popular blogging platforms, and the WordPress mobile app allows bloggers to update their sites while out and about. The app allows bloggers to read postings and comments, edit postings, manage comments and to perform other tasks on their WordPress blogs. The WordPress app is available for iOS and Android mobile platforms. However, you must have WordPress 2.9.2 or above installed to use the official iPhone app.


(4.5 Stars, Free on iTunes) – (4 Stars, Free on Android)

PayPal is one of the most popular sites for sending and receiving money over the Internet. Many bloggers and other website owners are able to monetize their sites by installing a PayPal payment button. In order to use the service, you must link a bank account or credit card account to your PayPal account. However, you can set up a limited service without a linked credit card or bank account, but you will be limited to payments of $500 at a time. The PayPal mobile app allows you to manage your PayPal account from any location with a wireless broadband connection.


(4 Stars, Free on iTunes) – (4.5 Stars, Free on Android)

With this app, you can organize videos, images and other types of files easily on your iPhone. Evernote is an archive application that provides you with quick access to all your files from an intuitive interface while on the go using your iPhone.

Adobe PhotoShop Express

(4 Stars, Free on iTunes) – (4 Stars, Free on Android)

This free app allows you to use the professional Adobe Photoshop application on your mobile devices. Bloggers often need to touch up or edit photos and other graphics for presentation in their posts. Photoshop is the gold standard for image editing, and this app allows you to edit photos quickly on your mobile device for uploading on to your blog posts. Because of the large size of image files, it may be necessary to have a high bandwidth connection in order to use this app.

Photobucket Mobile

(3 Stars, Free on iTunes) – (4 Stars, Free on Android)

Many bloggers need free hosting for the photos and other images that they post on their blog. Photobucket is one of the most popular image hosting websites. With this app, you can access your Photobucket account on the go and load photos taken from your mobile phone without needing to get to your computer. Fast data transmission speeds are necessary when handling high resolution images.


(4.5 Stars, Free on iTunes) – (4 Stars, Free on Android)

The Hootsuite service facilitates use of the top social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. Once you have installed the Hootsuite mobile app, you can access your favorite social networking sites from any location that offers wireless broadband access. The app makes it easy to update major social media while on the move.


(4.5 Stars, Free on iTunes) – (4.5 Stars, Free on Android)

The StumbleUpon web service simplifies the process of bookmarking and recommending sites while surfing the web. The StumbleUpon mobile app synchs with the web account allowing users to easily like and share content from across the Internet.


(3 Stars, Free on iTunes) – (3.5 Stars, Free on Android)

Skype is one of the most popular web phone and video chat services. The Skype mobile app for Android or iPhone allows you to use Skype from any location with mobile Internet access. You will be able to make calls, send text messages or instant message over Skype at great rates. The company claims to offer the lowest rates for calling phones.

AP Mobile

(4 Stars, Free on iTunes) – (3.5 Stars, Free on Android)

This award-winning app from the Associated Press helps bloggers stay in touch with the latest news. With a plethora of photos, videos, and breaking stories, users can customize their categories and stay in touch that matters to them and their website. This app draws news from over 1200 sources and is free!


(3.5 Stars, Free on iTunes) – (4.5 Stars, Free on Android)

The famous Kindle from Amazon is already in the hands of millions of users. Now iOS and Android users alike can enjoy the free app available on both operating systems. There are over a million books available and countless magazines. Users can also read newspapers, textbooks, as well as PDFs on an intuitive interface.


(3 Stars, Free on iTunes) – (3.5 Stars, Free on Android)

The official app for Blogger, users can publish posts while adding pictures and labels as well as information about location. For users with multiple accounts, switching between them is not a problem with this app. View lists of posts saved and published, and put posts live immediately with this convenient app.


(3.5 Stars, Free on iTunes) – (4 Stars, Free on Android)

Having eBay on the move is essential to many bloggers. This app allows users access to the eBay marketplace from anywhere. Compare prices from any store with items on the marketplace just by scanning a barcode. Users can track packages and stay on top of notifications right from their phone.


(2.5 Stars, Free on iTunes) – (3.5 Stars, Free on Android)

The Flickr app is a photo sharing monster. Users can search photos, mark favorites, make comments, and explore the entire Flickr world right from their smartphone. Users can upload their own photos and videos and tag people and locations. With many of the available features on this app, it’s a hard one to pass up.

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