How a Personal Blog Can Give Way to a Thriving Business

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Most of the personal blogs that have been turned into successful multimillion dollar businesses had humble beginnings, and the bloggers had little idea how big their sites would become one day.

Pete Cashmore’s Mashable, which earns more than $2 million per month at this point is a great example, and the point here is that anyone can reach similar heights too, as long as they know how to.

Of course, the blogging market in every sector is a lot tougher and several times more complex than it was a decade ago, so you will need proper guidance, winning ideas and a uniqueness about your personal blog to turn it into a thriving business down the line.

To help make the path to success a little less rocky when you are starting out, check out the following tips and guidelines that almost every successful blog today had to know and follow once.

Starting the Blog with Intent

It may seem elementary and easy, but starting a blog is a good first step and probably the most important one. The way you start is important because, in many ways, it determines where you will end up and how fast you will be able to turn it into a successful business.

After all, almost every second person has a blog these days and unless you start with the intent and a plan to turn it into a business with time, it would be just another blog site among thousands of others. Check How to Start a Blog for a step by step guide through the entire process.


Get to Know Your Audience

Not to be confused with target audience identification, getting to know your audience is all about understanding what your target audience wants.

Of course, this step is preceded by identification of the target audience itself, but that is part of starting the blog and should already be covered by the time you start thinking about turning it into a thriving business.

Use social media analytics and search engine analytics to figure this part out because that’s pretty much where you will steer your blog towards.

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Fill a Gap

It’s common knowledge that when a certain business is able to fill a gap in the market, it attains immediate success and the blogging genre is not an exception to that rule either.

As you go about identifying what your target audience wants, you should also be going through the market analysis of what the competition is offering to meet those needs.

Find out if there isn’t something that a lot of your audience wants but cannot get because nobody is providing that yet. If you are able to identify such a gap between demand and supply, see if you cannot fill that gap.

Even if a complete gap doesn’t exist, it is quite possible that people might not be getting as much of something as they would like to, which is once again, an opportunity for you to be successful by catering to that unsaturated market.


Set Up Ad Programs

Nobody likes ads really, but they are essential earners and you certainly need a few to monetize your blogs. The more popular your blog becomes, the more money you will be earning by hosting ads on your blog.

As you probably know already, Google AdSense is the best option that bloggers have for this, so make sure that you sign up with the service after the blog starts enjoying a decent flow of traffic.

However, avoid flashy, intrusive and obstructive ads because those will thin the traffic in no time! Instead of irritating your viewers with multiple, obstructive and generic ads, use a limited number of targeted ads to keep the interface clean and the advertisement relevant.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when a seller pays you a percentage of their profits per sale because the customer in each of the concerned sales was redirected from your blog to the merchant site.

For example, people often search for phone reviews before buying a new model and tech sites that are affiliated with merchant sites selling that particular model usually leave a link to the appropriate landing page at the end of a review of the particular model.

Every time someone buys a phone based on the blog’s recommendation and by following the affiliate link, the blog earns money. The same is true for all niches, so consider signing up for affiliate programs that are relevant to your blog. Amazon Associates is one of the best affiliate programs to sign up with, alongside PeerFly, Clickbank and the eBay partner network.


Wrapping Up

This is just an introduction, as there are many other aspects to be discussed and considered before anyone can expect their blog to turn into a profitable business. Nonetheless, these should help you get started on the right path and if you have a popular blog on your hands, you may not even need to do much else either!

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