How Important is SEO For eCommerce Stores? Let’s Find Out!


An e-commerce store is any type of business that makes transactions over the internet. Selling products and services online offers business owners the opportunity to expand their brand, attract more customers, and increase their revenue.

If you are a business owner trying to grow your e-commerce store, there are elements you cannot overlook, such as an attractive web design or well-written content. But even beyond this, you want to optimize your site so that search engines like Google can easily find you. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) tools and techniques can help.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization makes the difference between an e-commerce store that’s successful and one that gets little to no traffic. You want your target audience to land on your page, but how do you do this? SEO is a great first step to obtaining the leads you deserve.


SEO is the process of increasing the online visibility of a website within search engines. When a site is optimized, its online presence is expanded across the internet. This means that the amount of traffic to your site will increase, generating more leads.

Some of the other benefits include:

  • Increased profits
  • Increased customer trust
  • Higher brand awareness
  • Better conversion rates

When using the right keywords and phrases, you’ll achieve your spot on Google’s first page of results. This is how SEO works. You optimize your site to cater to your audience and the search engine’s algorithm to rank higher than your competitors.

Think about it, how many times do you go past page 1 when searching something on the web? Probably almost never. A solid optimization strategy will bring your e-commerce site out of the shadows and into the spotlight. But you have to avoid doing mistakes with SEO because it takes time to revert back to step 1. Here are a series of SEO mistakes to avoid for your eCommerce website.


Who Needs SEO?

Whether you have a small or big company, you will greatly benefit from SEO marketing. Without SEO, you risk losing your profitable customers because your site is not visible, showing up in front of them. Boosting your online presence means more people out there know you and your brand.

If your competitors’ site is optimized, they will earn more than you – not because their products are better, but because they are connecting and reaching out to their target market. The best part is that it offers targeted, measurable (using Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, and other tools), cost-effective, and long-lasting results.

If you’ve ever wondered how some e-commerce stores rank at the top of search engine results pages, the answer is that business is using the right SEO strategies and techniques. Anyone who wants to grow their online presence and drive more traffic to their site needs to invest in a quality SEO service.


Hiring an SEO Specialist

Now that you know the important role that SEO plays in e-commerce stores, you can take further measures to cover this area of your business. If you’re not very tech savvy, don’t worry! There are many SEO Perth gurus with many years’ knowledge and experience that can help.

Consequently, reliable digital marketing companies don’t only focus on optimizing your site. They will also aide your site in the following areas:

  • Appealing web design
  • User-friendly interface
  • Quality images
  • Email campaigns that convert
  • Paid search ads
  • Social media

If you’re trying to handle this area of your business on your own and are not seeing the results you need, perhaps it’s time you hire an SEO specialist to give you a hand. After all, as your company grows, so should your strategies and techniques. Absolutely, there are tons of resources out there like eCommerce WordPress themes or guides on how to build an eCommerce website with different tools like WordPress or Shopify, but stick to this rule: deal with what you know best and let others help you with their expertise and workforce. Make it a win-win in the long run.


Consider Using SEO for Your E-Commerce Site

All in all, it does not matter how amazing your product is, how beautiful your webpage may look, or how nicely written your content is. Every e-commerce site needs to be optimized so that your target audience and customers know that your site exists.

An e-commerce site is only as good as the marketing strategies behind it – by investing in SEO now, you can set your site up for success in the long run.

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