How to Boost Your Brand Visibility with Smartimage

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Branding is something that every company should have. Branding is the heart and soul of any successful business. Therefore, branding an idea, a concept or an entire business is a must do. If you already did that and feel that there`s room for more or for something new, rebranding is the word.

All in all, the idea is to make you noticed, make you stand out of the crowd, get you in the real game called entrepreneurship. I`m sure you already read enough articles and applied some ideas about how to boost your company visibility, but there`s plenty of space for more. This article is about how to increase your brand awareness by managing the most important assets of any business: images and files.

Online means flexibility and simplicity; tasks made on the web are way faster than traditional ones, which involve physical activity and human relationships. However, doing it right is the key, no matter what you`re involved in. One of the biggest concerns of any business is image, therefore, what prospects and customers think about your work and what they feel about your company is serious. When you take image into consideration, you have to make sure you have what you or your team needs at the proper moment.

SmartImage is a web-based image management tool which can help you represent your brand in a professional manner, exactly when you need to, while making your team work efficiently.

Let`s think at a possible scenario: you have enough files to represent your brand, but they`re probably stored in your PC`s folders and they are not visible to anyone from your crew or partners/customers. You need a proper tool to make these files accessible to the right people at the right time. Fortunately, SmartImage does exactly that, plus much more. It stores your brand guidelines, logos, images, documents, and other content that you consider important, plus it makes accessing the files very easy by providing a set of management features like file tagging and categorizing, shared administration for your team and sharing options, multiple download options, public or private collections and analytics.

The tool supports multiple file formats, from the most common files like JPG, PNG and GIF to more specialized files like AI, TIFF, EPS and PDF. You can also embed YouTube or Vimeo videos into your collections, so that people involved into your organization can quickly access your public videos with ease. If you want to customize a collection, you can attach it a custom header, which is something like a Facebook cover photo. This feature can help you gain more brand awareness from the clients who browse your collections.

There are, of course, other solutions for file sharing and image management, like Flickr or Dropbox. They do their jobs, indeed, but the idea with SmartImage is not only to provide you online space and sharing options, but to help you increase your brand visibility by storing exactly what you need for that: company assets.

To make sure the tool fits your business, you can give it a go by trying a trial for 45 days or by choosing a subscription package suitable for your team or partners.


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