How to Identify Fonts using WhatFontIs

Did you stumble upon an awesome font displayed on a website and tried to find out its name, but you couldn`t, even if you did a lot of research and asked a lot of people on a lot of forums? Or did you recently had a revelation while eating your favorite cereals in the morning related to typefaces used on the cereals box? In other words, what I`m trying to say is “what`s the easiest way to identify a font?”. Meet WhatFontIs, your new font finder web tool.

First thing that I love at WhatFontIs is that is a free web tool. You don`t need any fancy software to download, install and run, just simply navigate to WhatFontIs and enjoy the cloud experience.

Secondly, the tool allows you to find not a font, but 100 fonts related to your typeface within 3 simple steps. I made a test to see if the tool finds the font I used for my logo, which is Aller – Bold.

Step 1

Upload an image with the font you want to identify or simply specify an URL of the image. There are some options from where to choose from, whether if you want to search within free fonts, commercial fonts or both(at this point, the library is quite impressive, having more than 150K fonts registered and many fresh ones being added each day).

Step 2

Verify if the characters processed by WhatFontIs are matching the characters of your image. At this point you can input the correct character for each letter or even drag letters and drop them over others to combine parts of letters.

Step 3

Finally, the tool displays the first 100 fonts matching the image uploaded. I was quite impressed by the accuracy of the results. The tool successfully identified my image font as being Aller – Bold, plus, I got other 99 fonts related to my original one from where to choose from.

WhatFontIs is more than a font finder tool. It is also a font library, housing more than 150K fonts. So if you don`t want to use the font finder feature, you can just browse the huge library for some awesome fonts.
If you`re in search for a typeface for your next project or are too obsessed to find out the name of a font you saw on a website, just look the tool up and give it a try!

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