HTML5 – What Makes It a Favorite With All Web Developers

HTML5 is the technology of tomorrow. This latest version of the familiar markup language HTML is relatively new, but has already caught the fancy of web developers with its unique features and functionalities. Let us take a look at some of the reasons why HTML is a favorite with the web developers.


It provides video and audio support

HTML5 provides an in-built video and audio support. This new version of HTML, consists of new <video> and <audio> tags along with a huge list of parameters. This makes Flash or any other third-party media players redundant. Additionally, these tags make it very easy for web developers to manage their codes for various web apps, which contain audio/video components.

An easy <DOCTYPE> declaration

A <DOCTYPE> declaration is the first line in any HTML document which instructs the web browser about the version of HTML in which a particular web page is written. Unlike the earlier versions of HTML, the <DOCTYPE> declaration in HTML5 is not even one line. All you need to do is just type <!DOCTYPE html> and start coding right away.

Provides smart storage options

HTML5 consists of a brand new storage feature, which seems to be a mix of website cookies and client-side database. This storage feature allows the data to be stored in the key or value pairs. This means, web pages can store data locally in the user’s browser. Also, this makes it possible to store a large amount of data without affecting a website’s performance.

Hence, as compared to cookies, smart storage offers better security options and faster performance.

<canvas> – the super tag

The <canvas> tag is a special drawing tag in HTML5. Let us take a look at the two main benefits of this tag.

  • Allows better user-interaction: Make your websites dynamic using the <canvas> tag alone, which provides interactivity and animations just like Flash.
  • Helps in developing web based games: Create a number of amazing games using the <canvas> tag.

Cross browser compatibility

The websites built using HTML5 are compatible on a number of popular web browsers such as IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. This means that all HTML5 websites perform consistently across all these browsers.

Great for mobile platform

HTML5 is one of the best tools available for developing web-apps for different mobile platforms. This is because there are a number of features in HTML5 which help create mobile web apps easily. For example, you get ‘Viewport’ to define dimensions of the viewport and zoom settings, full screen browsing, and home screen icons to create some of the best mobile based web apps.

To conclude

These were only a handful of reasons why HTML5 is a favorite with all web developers out there. Research more about HTML5 and know how to use this wonderful technology for developing web apps of the future.

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