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As some of you already know, the structure of a website is basically constituted of a series of files. Their nature is strong related to the technology used to build the website, like HTML for simple and static pages or PHP, ASP, etc. for websites more advanced and complex. To make you an idea about how powerful some programming languages can be, a great example is Facebook, which is entirely built on a PHP framework.

There are people without any programming knowledge which do want to have a website and the first thing they do is to contract a web design company or a freelancer. In most cases, people want just simple websites to showcase their work or to present a business. Sometimes, a simple website can be very expensive and without a doubt, the process of delivering the website is slow because it requires many design revisions from both parts.

Fortunately, making a website can be way more easier than you expected to be, thanks to a nice tool which can actually build your website very fast. It is called IM Creator.

Whether you`re an experienced web designer or someone who doesn`t know what HTML is all about, this tool provides you everything you need to have a website, all in a simple, clear and seamless process.

IM Creator

How Does It Work

The tool was built with user experience in mind. Therefore, the entire process is simple because of the Drag&Drop interface and involves only three steps:

1. Choose a design from dozens of templates uploaded each month. They`re organized into categories(for photographers, restaurants, corporate, etc. ) so you know what to look for.

2. Customize the design you chose with your content. You also have access to advanced ready-made features like slideshows, galleries, contact forms, players and many other, in order to make your website as complete and dynamic as possible.

3. Publish your brand new website to the world. You can link it to an existing domain or to a new one, you can host it with IM Creator and even benefit of custom email services, directly from within the platform.

The websites built with IM Creator are compatible with the most popular browsers, can fit any device screen(feature called responsiveness) and very important is that they are search engine friendly, so you don`t have to worry about any SEO optimization.

IM Creator gallery collection

IM Creator is a free, simple and elegant website builder which can deal with the most exigent tasks, making out of them a simple and enjoyable experience, accessible for everyone. It`s easy to use, saves you money and you`ll be amazed about how powerful it can be and how fast it can build your website.

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