15 Unique and Innovative Single Page Website Designs

One of the greatest challenges for designers, or any type of creative role, is working with limitations. It’s easy to throw a stream of ideas or styles into a single project, but giving yourself restrictions will allow you to truly flex your talents as a designer. A particularly intriguing example of this in terms of web design can be found in sites that host the entirety of their content on a single page.

The aesthetics of single page site design echo the limited nature of print, and while it’s certainly not a new concept, there’s been a growing trend, of late, in sites opting for this type of design. Aside from interactive Flash sites, or portfolio sites, this is becoming a popular option for organizations in the non-profit space, as well as for consumer and business facing companies. Here’s a showcase of 15 sites that use unique methods of hosting content on one page.

Farmhouse Fare

This catering company has a great single page design that could make anyone’s mouth water. The page slides from side to side as you navigate through the various sections of the site. One of the coolest parts is that the design is persistent panorama style design with high quality photos of the food they provide.

Dangers of Fracking

This website called dangers of fracking aims to educate visitors about all of the environmental, safety, and health hazards associated with the hydraulic fracking process. The single page design takes the viewer through an infographic that describes the entire process along with the math and science to explain how it works.

Free Range Designs

This online and offline designer created a single page website that has a refreshingly welcoming feel that reflects the down-to-earth copywriting style of the content. The entire site has conveniently located navigations making it as functional as a multi-page website with the beauty of a single page design.

Nike Flyover

Nike are making use of the latest html techniques in the promo of their 2012 Air Jordan. The effects are outstanding and scrolling down gives you the impression of flying shoes all over the screen.

Big Apple Hotdogs

New York hot dogshave a reputation for being some of the best in the world. This website helps convey that image with a very functional single page website that has a great design. It has all of the essentials; locations (and an interactive map), menu, and prices. The cartoon graphic hot dog character is easy to remember and adds a level of humor to the site.

SoleilNoir Believe In

SoleilNoir has an original way of presenting their positive message for 2012. The scrolling effect combined with the colors of each slide, can really change your mood in a positive way.

The Paxton

The Paxton is a local pub located in London with a website that blends the single page design with enticing high quality pictures of the restaurant’s food and atmosphere.

Fabmedia Studios

This is another web design firm that uses a unique and creative single page website style. The page shows examples of work along with some content to describe what separates Fabmedia’s websites from others.

Grupo CCR

This website is truly innovating the one page websites. The combination between scrolling and pictures, carefully chosen in relation with the business, is building an unique experience for users. Just try to scroll and you`ll be amazed of how cool it is!

Make Your Mark

This single page site is designed like a skyscraper with an elevator on the outside. The elevator contains the navigation and scrolls as you move up and down the page providing you with instant access to whatever kind of content you are searching for.


FiveThirtyBrew are presenting their brewing process in a very original way, by using a series of graphics and steps which combined with the scrolling effect, can result into a real educational experience.

Dollar Dreadful

As a company that writes short stories, it is fitting that their website is designed like an old fashioned newspaper or newsletter. The design captures an antique feel providing a sense of mystery and stories of times that came before.

We Shoot Bottles

Not only does this domain name describe exactly what the company does (though it may be hard to understand if you are thinking of ‘shoot’ like a gun), the website also has a great design that displays the quality photography of their ‘bottle shoots’.

Search Inside Video

For many highly targeted niche businesses, there may only be one core service that is offered. This video optimization service is just that and uses a compelling one page design to deliver the “elevator pitch” about what they do.

Mezcal Buen Viaje

Mezcal can certainly be considered having a custom design…everything is original, from the bottle to the big scrolling bar, so navigating through the website souldn`t be a problem at all.

The Internet and web design have left the ‘first movers’ phase and are entering into mass adoption. In a noisy marketplace, how will you compete for make your site design stand out?

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