Key Components of Effective Booklet Design

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Translated word for word, booklet means “little book”. But the booklet concept is more than just a tiny book; is a way of advertising, promoting, branding, showcasing and presenting information about a company or a product. They are usually used as brochures or catalogs and are an important element in any company`s advertising campaigns.

Serving for advertising purposes, booklets need to be short(max. 30-35 pages), have to be informative and more importantly, have to be good looking to capture the user`s interest and deliver the message. Like in each promotional tool`s case, there are a series of key elements which combined, make it stand out of the crowd. So what are these elements which can make the difference between a regular booklet design and a hard to forget one?

Color palette

Color is one of the most effective method of communicating a message, because it instantaneously attracts the user`s eye. When applying a color scheme on a booklet, keep in mind that it has the power to transmit emotions, symbols and even physical effects. It is very important to choose the right color scheme for the booklet design because it has to be related to your type of business, products or services that you`re promoting and also needs to look good on paper when it comes to booklet printing process.

color theory in booklet design

bariol effective booklet design


People are usually looking for products and services which exceed their expectations; they`re always in search for innovative things, therefore, you also have to keep in mind this aspect while designing a booklet. Regular book shapes are good but polygonal shapes are a trend and without a doubt, an unusual shape is another element that matters for a good booklet design. It is something which will drive people`s attention to what actually counts: delivering a message, selling a product or service.

epic brochure design


Web design is 95% typography. Maybe this percent doesn`t apply for booklets too, but no doubt that typography does matter for a booklet design. In fact, the role of a booklet is to convey a message and the best approach is to use text. The right combination between font family, font size and the way they`re merged on paper is another component of an effective booklet design.

Typographical Example

Graphic Elements

The idea of a booklet is to attract user`s attention and drive it to the content. Text is not that powerful, so this task is achieved through graphic elements. Even if we talk about patterns, lines, shapes or real pictures, their purpose has to be well defined and strong related to the booklet`s content or business philosophy.

All in all, it doesn`t matter what a booklet is used for. What really matters is the user impact a booklet design has and if it is enough to deliver a message or make a sale.

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