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A vital piece of the puzzle in optimizing websites is the hosting service used – can’t stress that enough. Seasoned webmasters understand the crucial role of hosting in maintaining site’s high performance, cut down or eliminate down times, integrate other functionalities into the websites, and even enhance security.

They realized it impacts almost all aspect of their blog; from affecting user experience to how search engines interact with it. Hence, they’re always on the lookout for services that provide an optimal experience for them and help keep the engine of their online business well oiled.

For all newbie bloggers out there with low traffic sites, shared hosting is enough to get you off the ground(we’ve put together an unbiased comparison between two giants: Siteground and Inmotionhosting); however, once a piece of your content goes up to thousands of visits per day, then it’s time to rethink the whole hosting needs.

Just as I noted earlier, as your online business grows, so does your web hosting needs become more complex – for non-geeky internet business owners, here’s where things start getting frustrating; for others, they become time-pressed that sorting and managing the hosting becomes unsustainable.

Here’s where turning to managed hosting services become the game-changer.


What is managed web hosting?

Managed web hosting can be compared to renting a full-serviced furnished apartment. Everything you need is literally provided, all you have to do is move in with your luggage, and that’s it.

The real estate company takes care of all maintenance – including electrical, plumbing, etc. This perfectly illustrates what a managed web hosting is –the service provider takes care of everything, from installing the software you need, optimizing the server for optimal performance, updating software when necessary and even performing routine tasks such as daily backups of your site and security checks.

This means users opting for managed hosting services can concentrate on their core activities without worrying about the webhosting backend.

Benefits of managed hosting

  • Enhanced up-time – One primary reason why online business owners switch over to managed web hosting is due to the reduced downtime experienced on such platforms; this can be attributed to the efficient server monitoring by service providers. Hence, they’re able to resolve server issues before they escalate.
  • Save time – With managed hosting you don’t have to worry about updating software, you don’t have to worry about backing up your site, nor are you concerned with installing applications on the server. Everything is handled by a professional, so you can focus on your core functions.
  • Stronger security – the service provider is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring server integrity – so they’d be up scanning the platform for malware, viruses; setting up spam filtering, configuring the firewall and carrying out other security measures on your behalf.
  • Flexible and automatic scaling – as the visits to your sites grow, so also does the hosting scale to accommodate the increased traffic without adversely impacting your business. In fact, this too is a major reason why big blogs switch to managed hosting because they’re able to handle the spike in traffic without crashing or affecting user experience.
  • Improved load speed – Page speed is a crucial ranking factor used by search engines. Now, most managed web hosting services have in-built CDN (content delivery network) and Caching that makes web pages load pretty fast.

So, you’d be getting instant load speed optimization once you move to a managed hosting.

With the WordPress explosion and several online businesses running on this content management system, specialty managed hosting services like Kinsta were developed to help WordPress site owners manage and optimize their websites better.


Kinsta – A High-Performance WordPress Managed Hosting Service

If you’ve ever desired a WP managed hosting focused on speed, security and stability then Kinsta is your guy. Founded in 2013 by a group of veteran WordPress developers with over 10 years experience coding WordPress, they took it upon themselves to design a WP managed hosting service that is reliable, fast, and focused on the user.

And over the years, they’ve grown to become industry leaders in the WP managed hosting ecosystem working with some of the big brands such as Intuit, Workforce, PG, Valicor and a host of others.

Here are some of the features that made Kinsta, an industry leading WP managed host provider:

peace of mind with kinsta

State of the ar(t)chitecture

Speed is the new gold in web hosting. The faster your site the higher your ranking and of course the higher the revenue potential.

These guys understood this hence, the deployment of cutting-edge technologies that provide blitz fast page load time, zero lag and websites that load instantly.

Awesome infrastructure powered by Nginx, PHP7, LXD containers and MariaDB that ensure eye-blink super-fast websites.

So you’d be getting complete resource isolation, automatic scalability to handle spikes in traffic, and 99.9% availability.


High-Security measures

Supports active and passive security measures to beat off malicious attacks.

  • Detects and prevents DDoS attacks.
  • Active malware scans to identify and isolate viruses, malware, and spyware.
  • Cutting-edge hardware firewall
  • Continuous uptime monitoring
  • SSL Support to enhance site integrity.


Active Google Cloud Platform

Your sites are hosted on Google cloud platform with over 15 data centers scattered across the globe. Which means, no matter what part of the world you’re targeting – there’s no lag time.


Free site migration

  • No downtime when migrating to the platform. No additional cost.
  • Expert migration help: the team will take care of everything for you.
  • Preview before going live. A temporary domain name will be created to avoid downtime and for testing purposes. Once everything is Ok, then will go live.


World-class expert support

You’d be getting experienced and knowledgeable support that are always on hand to resolve all your concerns.

  • Interact with human experts in real-time in resolving any concerns.
  • Available 24/7


User-friendly dashboard

  • Intuitive interface designed for a newbie user.
  • Easy to navigate and packed full of helpful features and tools.
  • Website analytics resources to track site performance.

kinsta dashboard



  • You can add additional tools and features to help get more out of your Kinsta plan.
  • Feature to choose one of the regional data centers for close proximity to your target audience.



Whether you’re a small start-up with a shoestring budget or an established enterprise, there’s a plan designed for your specific needs.

Plans start at $30/month for sites with less than or up to 20, 000 visits per month and includes free SSL and CDN – fair enough I would say.


Wrapping it up

Kinsta WP managed hosting provides an excellent option to the smart online business owner that is ready to take their business to the next level. Designed for speed, optimized to handle increasing site traffic, and a guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime Kinsta truly offers value for your money.

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