Great Examples of Mobile Apps Interface Designs

The world of mobile applications is quite young, starting with the launch of the iPhone several years ago. Apple totally reinvented the cellphone, transforming it into what we know today as the smartphone. They created a friendly ecosystem for designers and developers, offering the possibility to actually build apps for the mobile phones.

Nowadays, we`re leaving into a world of applications. Everywhere you go, whatever you do, you`re linked to tens of applications everyday. Checking the mail in the morning, reading the newspaper directly on a mobile device, paying for coffee at the coffee shop, buying tickets for a concert, planning the next vacation, all the things that we do are related to apps.

Because the mobile phone became a part of our lives, apps are the ones who make the life easier, funnier, more entertaining. This is mainly the merit of the people behind them, programmers, developers and designers who`re innovating every day in terms of design, usability and user experience.

There are some key components which a good mobile apps got to have: it has to be practical, it has to look good and it has to bring value for the user. In other words, mobile apps have to integrate within the user`s day-to-day life.

When it comes to design, nothing is left to chance, pixel perfect and unique interfaces pushing the power of the functionality up to users.

With the launch of IOS 7, Apple raised the bar one more time by coming up with a new interface for their operating system. A combination between flat design and Swiss style is now the playground for mobile apps designers. For this reason, I decided to round up some of the best mobile apps designs, some of them already in use on real apps, others just concepts and redesigns of current apps.

WIP Fitness App

WIP Fitness App for IOS 7

Pescara Calcio

Ping In

just ping in app

Instagram Redesign Concept

instagram app redesign concept

Weather App

weather apps for iphone

Sun App

sun app for ops

Irisgreen Iphone App

irisgreen iphone app

IOS 7 Control Center Redesign

ios 7 control center redesign

Sound Around

iPhone Music App Concept

iphone music app concept

Discovery Channel

discovery channel mobile app interface

Turkish Airlines Mobile App

Turkish Airlines Mobile App Design

Weather App by Kreativa Studio

Weather App Concept Design for Samsung Galaxy S

Coffely App

coffely app for ios

Instagram Profile Page Concept

instagram profile page redesign

Calendar App Interface

Weathersurf App Design

Iphone Oovoo App

IOS 7 iPhone Weather App Concept

MuscTube Mobile App Interface

Musc Tube mobile app design

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