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The money is in the list – This probably is one of the widely used quotes in internet marketing. Whether you’re just starting out or a veteran – you’ve heard it: Grow your subscriber list. The importance of having your own list cannot be over-emphasized – at your disposal is a list of potential customers who have indicated interest in your services/products.

You can get creative with this list – you can promote your services to your list, announce the launch of new products/services, or generate the initial buzz for your event – whatever you choose to do – the opportunities are endless.

But, there’s one teeny-weeny thing you need – you need some tools to help you grow your list. The fact is: growing your email subscriber list is hard; and it’s doubly hard if you’re not using the right tools. Here’s where OptinMonster and its alternatives come in.



OptinMonster is one of the best lead generation tools out there with amazing features that enable you to set up highly convertible lead-gen machine for your business. Here’re few things you can do with this powerful tool:

  • A drag and drop feature that allows you set up your landing pages and opt-in forms in a matter of minutes.
  • Converts abandoning visitors into high paying subscribers
  • With OptinMonster you can segment your site visitors – making offers to them based on their behaviors and interaction with your site.
  • The full-screen Optin-page when enabled appears once a new visitor lands on your site – this is a proven strategy to increase your lead generation statistics.
  • It comes with an effective mobile specific add-on that converts
  • OptinMonster has beautifully designed and highly noticeable float bar that follows your site visitors while they scroll through yourweb pagess.
  • With its newest SaaS model, your settings and customizations will remain intact even when there’s a plugin update.
  • You can manage more than one site using OptinMonster.


The thing is there’s no other lead generation tool like OptinMonster, but, even with its awesomeness it still has its downside, which include:

  • OptinMonster is quite pricey. With its basic plan priced at $29 per month – what can a newbie blogger with no steady income do? This means you’d be paying over $200 per year. This is in fact, the reason for this article.
  • It might prove a little technical for first time users and there have been reports of bugs too.

So for the internet marketer, business owner, bloggers, etc. – who’s bootstrapping, here’s a list of four OptinMonster alternatives that’s almost free and can get the job done as well.


OptinMonster Alternatives



GetSiteControl is a suite of 7 widgets for both lead generation and making users take action(subscribe, share, view, follow, etc) on the website.

Just like OptinMonster, GetSiteControl is a Saas app, so things should be working pretty well and you should not have issues while setting up the bridge between the app and your website.

One feature which puts it above the rest is the Live Chat widget, which adds a nice live chat box on your pages so you could narrow the gap between your visitors and the team.

Among the plethora of already-available integrations, I would mention here the Zapier integration. Simply put, the app can connect with tons of other apps out there and really put things on automation. Pretty neat!

Read more about the tool in our GetSiteControl review!


Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is one of the newest lead generation tools that has really caught up with Bloggers and website owners. This is due to its ease of use – unlike OptinMonster; Thrive Leads has a powerful drag and drop feature for designing templates without stress.

Another selling point that has endeared this email list building tool is its ability to hide pop-ups for your site visitors who have already subscribed to your list – hence improving the overall experience for your site users.

Features of Thrive Leads

  • A/B testing
  • Onetime payment of $67 with no hidden charges
  • Highly responsive with well-optimized templates
  • Easy to setup
  • Does not require any technical skill to setup
  • Beautiful designs


ConvertPlug (ConvertPlus)

optinmonster alternatives - convertplus

ConvertPlug is just a bargain – with just a one-time $21 payment, you have a lifetime access to all the premium features it has to offer. One beautiful thing about this list builder is that newbie bloggers and internet marketers can easily pay the fee without much difficulty and enjoy the same features OptinMonster has to offer.

It comes packed full with full-screen welcome and exit gate, two-step pop-ups, scroll trigger, etc.

Features of ConvertPlug

  • Well optimized mobile modules
  • User inactivity triggers which reduce bounce rate and encourages an on-going engagement with your site.
  • Comes packed with a wide-range of pre-designed templates
  • Has cookie control, referrer detection, etc. – which helps you analyze the source of your site’s traffic and monitor the behavior of your site users.
  • A coding skill is a plus since you can easily customize the plugin to your preference.


SumoMe (Sumo List Builder)

Easy to use, easy to set up and easy to integrate with new websites, SumoMe provides a cache of important tools to grow your online business – especially the Sumo list builder. The free plan is highly recommended if you’re just starting out with little site visits. However, as your daily site traffic grows, it becomes important to upgrade to any of the paid plans suitable for your needs.

Just like OptinMonster, SumoMe list builder allows you to segment and analyze the behavior of your site visitors. It is also packed with hundreds of templates for optin-forms. With the A/B testing you can split test different optin forms and different placements to discover which ones convert better.

Features of SumoMe

  • A/B testing
  • Fast and easy setup – does not require any coding skills
  • Large Library of templates and animations
  • Analytics tracking



Ninja Popups for WordPress

A WordPress based plugin – Ninja popups is built specially for those WordPress owners who’re interested in taking full charge of their email building campaigns but are running under a tight budget. With a $25 payment, you gain a lifetime access to all the premium features available to this plugin.

Features of Ninja Popups

  • Easy to setup with no coding skills required
  • You can choose from a wide-range of templates on offer to design an eye catching popupseye catching popups
  • Has a drag and drop feature
  • Allows you to carry out an A/B testing to determine which pop up converts better for you A/B testing to determine which pop up converts better for you
  • You can track and analysis data using the analytics feature
  • Use the social and content locker to gain more engagements, shares and optins for you site.




mailoptin review

Although pretty new, Mailoptin seems to be the coolest kid in the neighborhood. Mailoptin is a solid WordPress plugin for collecting email addresses by displaying pretty and conversion optimized opt-in forms on your website. It takes list building to another level with its built-in A/B testing engine and accurate reporting analytics. Here are a few features which makes it worth it:

  • After Conversion Smart Behavior – Display a success message or redirect the leads to a new URL.
  • New Post Notification – Automatically trigger a newsletter to your mailing list every time you publish a new post. There are also pre-defined templates to choose from.
  • Click-Launch Trigger: Display an optin form when a certain link is clicked. This is very effective for content upgrades; if you have downloadable content, you could offer such content only for those who subscribe to your mailing list.
  • Scroll Trigger: When a user scrolls a fixed percentage of your content, your optin from will be displayed. It’s a great way of funneling people who are engaged with your content.

Check out our Mailoptin review to find out more about what this plugin can do!


Final Thoughts

OptinMonster has proven over-time to be bloggers’ favorite tool for subscriber list building. However, due to its pricing model and so many features – newbie internet marketers are turning to other alternatives to build their email list. I personally recommend using either Thrive Leads plugin or Ninja popups for your blog.bloggers’ favorite tool for subscriber list building. However, due to its pricing model and so many features – newbie internet marketers are turning to other alternatives to build their email list. I personally recommend using either Thrive Leads plugin or ConvertPlus for your blog.

So there you have it: Four OptinMonster alternatives. I hope this guide will help you find the tool that is suitable for your business. Share your comments with us, what OptinMonster alternatives do you use?

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